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Taking Care of Your Wedding Dress

Taking Care of Your Wedding Dress

Finding your dream wedding dress is a bit like finding a soul mate really. You can search for what seems like an eternity before finally finding the one. When you eventually do however, it’s a match made in heaven (well, with one or two adjustments in some cases – but that’s the same as a human soul mate, right?). For every bride the dress is one of the biggest pieces of the wedding-planning-puzzle – and once you’ve found it, you can breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to getting married that bit more.

So, now your dress is in your possession, how do you go about caring for it? And how do you store it after you get hitched? This post is here to tell you just that!



Storing your dress correctly prior to the big day is especially important – no bride wants to walk down the aisle looking like something out of Great Expectations! To avoid dust, creases, tears (and rats!), you need to hang your gown up safe from harm. It’s always best to keep it in a closet, on a sponge hanger, covered in a non porous cover (such as muslin – plastic covers can trap condensation) with plenty of space on either side so it doesn’t get crushed. If you’re storing your dress away for 6 months of more, then it’s better to box it up in acid-free tissue paper, to avoid putting stress on the stitching. In both instances, keep it out of sunlight and away from windows, heaters and vents.


Transporting that dream dress, near or far, also requires diligence if it’s to get there unscathed. Unless you’re wearing it to your wedding venue, the best way to transport your dress is by car. Lay the back seats down, and place it on top of a clean sheet to minimize creasing. If you’re jetting off somewhere exotic for your wedding ceremony, you can have the airline safely hang your dress with the flight attendant jackets, with prior arrangement. Therefore there’s no need to buy an extra seat for your gown.

Averting Dress Dramas!

Drama and stress comes with the territory for many brides, and understandably so, given how important it is. Thankfully however, it’s usually reserved for the run up to your wedding day, as opposed to the wedding itself – which more often than not turns out to be the best day of our lives. There’s more to looking after your gown than avoiding wrinkles and creases however. The average bride spends almost $1200 on her dress, a sizable portion of the wedding budget. Like any expensive purchase with a lot riding on it (not to mention the emotional attachment) it makes sense to insure it. With the ailing economy there have been many instances of companies liquidating and leaving soon-to-be-weds without goods or services they had previously arranged and paid for, including dresses. Most wedding insurance packages will cover attire anyway, so if you’ve taken out a plan chances are your dress will be safeguarded anyway. If for whatever reason the worst comes to the worst, you’ll be able to buy a replacement gown and receive monetary compensation.


If you’re particularly accident prone (and let’s face it, most of us are after a few glasses of champagne – more so whilst drunk on love as well!) you’ll want to exercise caution during your reception. Firstly, remember that most gowns will restrict your movement, so be careful when you’re pulling out all your best Beyoncé moves on the dance floor. Secondly, a wedding buffet is fraught with fabric staining substances (namely wine and food) that would happily add a shade or two to your gown should they get the chance. Whilst this may not seem like such a disaster after the ceremony and photographs, it can certainly be a pain in the ass to see an unsightly blotch when you look at your dress in the future (nostalgia-induced closet foraging on your diamond wedding anniversary, for example). Like most stains, the best way to get rid of it is to tackle it straight away. Gently blotting the stain with rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth is the most effective method, ensuring you work from the outside in to avoid spreading the stain. Remember, the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to remove – so if it’s a particularly resilient stain, then it’s recommended you take your gown to be professionally cleaned as soon after the wedding as possible.

Post-Wedding Storage

After the big day your dress will be immortalized within your wedding pictures, in pristine condition, whilst you look fabulous wearing it – but what of the gown itself? If you don’t plan on selling it, passing it on to another bride, or having it refashioned into something else, then it’s time to box it up and store it away. To preserve it for decades to come, stuff the gown with acid-free tissue paper, fold into a Z-shape (to minimize creasing) and place it inside a corrugated cardboard box that is also free of acid (it’s worth noting that some companies sell boxes specifically for this purpose). Once that’s done place it somewhere in your home with a steady climate, such a closet or bedroom, away from vents or heaters. Avoid storing your gown in a basement or attic, where the temperature often fluctuates. If you treat your gown like the precious relic that it is, it’ll remain looking gorgeous for many years to come!

This great post comes to us from Melissa H, thank you for the guest post! Photos by Jasmine Photography.

Rainy Portland Weather

Rainy Portland Weather

When planning a wedding in Oregon, especially in the Portland area, you run the risk of not having sunshine on your big day. There is nothing wrong with a little rain, we have gotten used it and enjoy the slower days (only us took about five years). When it comes to planning an event you need to think a little differently. Being prepared for unexpected weather is something to put on your list. If you are planning your event for spring or fall then be ready that a big dark cloud filled with water could spread droplets over your celebration. It’s no reason to put a stop to the festivities! Grab your rain gear and let’s celebrate!

Let’s start with a good ol’ pair of wellies. You have to protect those pretty feet while moving from one site to another site. Hunter is a brand that has lasting power. Their rain gear is built solid and will last a lifetime so you’ll be investing in something you can use again and again.

Add your something blue with these cute short gloss rain boots by Hunter. $125.00


If your colors are black and white, slip on these shiny black riding boots with gold accents. $195.00

black hunter

If it’s going to be warm with a chance of rain then try a sandal you won’t have to worry about. These cute and stylish Limington Sandals will get many compliments. On sale $50.00


Yellow is all the rage for weddings. I used it at my spring wedding and loved how it added a pop of vibrance. If you ask your photographer having an umbrella can be a fun prop for your photos. Finding a clear one is even better since it won’t add dark shadows to your faces. This bubble umbrella is $48.00 from Hunter.


Go with a cute clear umbrella with a floral pattern from Totes for only $30.00.


If you feel the need to cover up your dress then slip on this cute white Kenneth Cole Reaction Coat. On Sale for $115.00 at Macy’s.


Whether it ends up raining all day (it is said to good luck in some cultures if it rains) or for a few hours have your rain supplies ready. Of course watch the weather report a few weeks out and as it gets closer to your date make adjustments. No matter what the weather, enjoy the time with your family and friends!

The Rehearsal Dinner Dress

The Rehearsal Dinner Dress

When deciding on your wedding dress, were you completely torn between two entirely different looks or styles? Most brides are. The idea of a one shoulder dress may have been intriguing, but in the end you went with a classic strapless? Or you went with a lace wedding dress with sleeves, but also considered the fun flirtatious nature of polka dots? To this great dress dilemma, I say… Whatever you DON’T choose for the wedding dress, choose for your rehearsal dinner dress! The rehearsal dinner is a way to show another side of your unique style, so find a rehearsal dinner dress that shows off more of your personality, grace, and beauty.

A Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Dress

rehearsal dinner dress


CREDITS: Top left with blue shoes: Nordstrom, Top right with straps: Could not find source from Pinterest :( , Top right with sheer sleeves: Shop Bop, Short sheer dress with polka dots: Sarah Seven, Dress with tan belt: The Plunge Project,One shoulder dress with bow: Could not find source from Pinterest :( , Lace dress with sleeves: I Want Big Closet Blog. Vintage dress with bow at the waist:, Polka dot dress with long sleeves: Wanelo.

Really love the blue shoes, short dresses, or the Polka dots? See some of my past posts about those!

Polka Dot Wedding Ideas

Something Blue Sunday: Blue Wedding Shoes

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Did you find a perfect rehearsal dinner dress? We hope so! Tell us what you are wearing to your rehearsal dinner in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

3 Adorable Flower Girls!

3 Adorable Flower Girls!

Recently, I’ve done a  post on DIY Flower Girl Wreaths. What I found appealing was the unique look you get with the wreaths instead of the cheesy, normal, flower girl dresses and looks. Now don’t get me wrong, put any little girl in a white dress and hand her flowers and it is bound to be adorable, but I think I have found some ways to make exceptionally adorable flower girls.

Exceptionally Adorable Flower Girls

Here are a few flowers girls with fashion like no other. These gave me a little hope that all flower girls do not have to look the same.


This was from the real wedding of Laura Lee and Chris  in Nashville Tennessee (could you guess by the boots?). This is adorable, fits the theme, and really gives this flower girl a little more zing. From Cedar Wood Weddings.


This is a fabulous flower girl dress for this little one. Not overly complicated yet still elegant. Found on Tumblr.

18ec0a59bc04e6771c5e76a006039f5dNow this is great! Kid friendly (cotton top) and frilly bottom. A very functional ballerina look that I love. The link on Pinterest was broken for this one. :( It’s adorable all the same.

Okay, moment of truth…what did you think of these unconventional but yet adorable flower girls? Love or hate? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.


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