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Wedding Florist with Flair: Francoise Weeks Florist

I love sharing amazing wedding ideas and vendors with all of you. Today is going to have a LOT of pictures, because I simply could not narrow it down! I love finding truly unique vendors doing things just a bit different from the run of the mill wedding vendor. Francoise Weeks Florist is a true gem of all the Portland wedding vendors we have recently been covering. Even better you can meet in person at the Art of Weddings bridal show happening next week! As a wedding florist, I would say that Francoise Weeks as the most out of the box thinker in Portland with her European style and flair.

If you are as stunned by these photos as I am, here is what you can expect from Francoise Weeks Florist when exploring whether they might be the right wedding florist for you.

  1. Meet with you
  2. Give you a complimentary quote
  3. Date will be held for 10 days
  4. On proposal acceptance, a 25% deposit is due

European Wedding Floral Design

wedding florist in Portland



I love those ring pillows! Photo credits for Rebecca Dryer Photography, Jamie Bosworth, Evrim Icoz, and Robbie Augsperger.

The Art of Weddings bridal show is only days away, so get tickets now for your chance to meet Francoise Weeks and other Portland wedding vendors at this years’ bridal show. It won’t be happening again for an entire year, so don’t miss out on this chance to visit with the swankiest wedding vendors in Portland.



Portland Wedding Vendors: Geranium Lake Flowers

Portland Wedding Vendors: Geranium Lake Flowers

This morning I have been getting to know Geranium Lake Flowers and learning a lot about wedding flowers and the business of it. As I was researching, I have just become more and more excited to have Geranium Lake Flowers on our list of Portland wedding vendors for this year’s Art of Weddings bridal show on January 3rd. One of the best things about reading about and knowing so many wedding vendors is appreciating them each for their own unique style. Geranium Lake Flowers takes care of the floral arrangements for over 100 weddings each May-October, so I would say they have the style factor down. It is always interesting to hear how people ended up doing what they love and are good at and the owner of Geranium lake Flowers, Kim Foren is no exception. Here is her story as it reads from the Geranium lake Flowers website,

Owner Kim Foren is trained as a fine art painter and showed her whimsical oil paintings for sixteen years at Quartersaw Gallery in Portland. Desiring a change in her corporate life, she started selling flowers in 1993 out of her VW van in front of Grand Central Bakery on SE 22nd and Hawthorne in Portland. She named her business Geranium Lake Flowers inspired by her favorite Windsor and Newton oil paint color “Geranium Lake”, a saturated fuchsia pink. The name serves as a reminder to keep her business creative. Moving to the US Bancorp Tower in 1995, she has become one of the premier floral and event companies in the Portland area. She has personally appeared on NBC’s TODAY Show and her company has attracted such prestigious customers as Portland Monthly magazine, Nike, The Nines Hotel, Leftbank Annex, and many more.

Floral Designs by Geranium Lake Flowers

wedding flowers by Portland wedding vendor Geranium Lake Flowers

Meet Portland Wedding Vendors

You can meet Geranium lake Flowers and other Portland wedding vendors at the Art of Weddings bridal show on January 3rd, 2013. We have compiled a group of what we deem as “the swankiest Portland wedding vendors” and can’t wait to share them with you. All will be ready to talk to you about your wedding and how they can help make your wedding day everything you’ve dreamed of. Tickets to the bridal show are available online, so hurry before they sell out!


Thanksgiving Wedding – A Turkey Day Special!

Thanksgiving Wedding - A Turkey Day Special!

Most of you out there are probably preparing or just finished a giant slab of turkey, complete with all the trimmings. I haven’t had mine yet, so my mouth is still watering from the idea of mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, fresh rolls, and pumpkin pie. Yum! Thinking about Thanksgiving dinner and writing for the blog, I thought, “What about Thanksgiving Weddings?”. That is where my search began. her are some of my favorite findings!

Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

Thanksgiving wedding ideas for Portland

This has a great blend of many fall colors. The sash really makes the bride’s dress pop. The bridesmaid’s bouquets are simple and sophisticated.

If there is one thing this Thanksgiving wedding got right…it is pie! Pie is a must for a wedding on Thanksgiving weekend. Love their idea for a pie buffet.

Thanksgiving wedding decorations

This one has a bit brighter color scheme. Bringing light into the fall colors can be difficult, but it is tackled like a pro in this spread. Love the paper globes in orange and cream…goes very well with orange and white pumpkins. Two word not often put together describe this one: elegant and vibrant.

fall wedding flowers

Don’t forget the pine cones. Pine cones are a must have for a Thanksgiving wedding. This is classic and beautiful.

pumpkin setting for a Thanksgiving wedding

Here is a very elegant place setting. The gold pumpkins add an air of swankiness to the table. This was designed by Martha Stewart.

If you are attending a wedding this week or weekend, post your best Thanksgiving wedding photos on our Facebook! We love to share your great ideas!



Local Wedding Vendors Spotlight: Old Town Florist

Local Wedding Vendors Spotlight: Old Town Florist

I just spent way too much time choosing the photos for this post! I was caught up in the gorgeous flowers I found on the Old Town Florist wedding blog site. After perusing their entire site, I found the link to the real gem, their blog. It was full of wedding by wedding stories and gorgeous designs. I am really excited that they will be joining us for this years Art of Weddings Bridal Show in January 2013.

The biggest thing I noticed after popping around both sites is that Old Town Florist does it all, and they do it all well. Not an easy task! They have mastered any style you could dream up for your wedding day. This is how they put it,

Our formula is really quite simple. Consider making an appointment with us at least 3 months prior to your wedding. Show us your photos, your swatches, tell us your dreams. Your visions of the perfect wedding are our ultimate goals, and virtually anything within your imagination is worth exploring. From classical elegant to wild and whimsical, your bridal party, ceremony and reception florals require the deft attention to detail that only a creative and highly skilled florist can realize.”

Take a peek at what I found.

Local Wedding Vendors Magical, Romantic, Classic, and Modern Flowers

local wedding vendors provide flower arrangements for brides in Portland

I don’t even like pink, but this bridal bouquet leaves me swooning. I adore everything about this picture. The flowers highlight the bride and the dress without over taking anything! Very romantic.

bright bouquet from local wedding vendor Old Town Florist

This is just adorable. Bright and bold bouquet for a bold NW bride. Love the little buttons.

green bouquet for Portland bride from Old Town Florist

This is very fresh feeling. With a lot of green this is still beautiful.

classic bouquet of white flowers for a classic wedding

Sometimes classic white is the way to go. Love the hint of color and the high contrast with the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Nice work.

If you are planning a wedding in Portland, you should not miss out on meeting Old Town Florist and many other great local wedding vendors at this year’s show. Tickets are simple, you can buy them online for only $12.50. The price at the door will be $20, so be sure to get tickets early. See you there!




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