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Unmissable Pieces Of Advice You Need To Hold The Perfect Wedding Reception

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Unmissable Pieces Of Advice You Need To Hold The Perfect Wedding Reception

You might be surprised to know that the wedding reception can make or break a wedding. After all, it’s the main part of the wedding that guests look forward to. And it’s what they will remember from your big day. Therefore, once you have sorted out your ceremony, it’s time to switch your attention to sorting out your reception. After all, you want your wedding to stand out from the rest. Therefore, here are some unmissable pieces of advice to hold the perfect wedding reception that your guests will absolutely adore.

Choose a beautiful location with lovely grounds

First things first, you need to pick somewhere to hold your wedding. And one of the main factors that you should be considering when you are choosing a reception venue is the location. After all, the location is what will help your wedding stand out from the rest. And your wedding photographs won’t look spectacular if you don’t have a beautiful location full of photo-worthy spots. Therefore, hunt down a fantastic location which has lovely grounds which will be perfect for your photos. And if you pick somewhere wonderful, it will definitely get your guests ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ when they arrive at your venue; a reaction every bride is looking for!

Pick somewhere that is exclusive to your wedding party

When you are holding your wedding, it can be impersonal if other hotel guests are walking around amongst your guests. In fact, it can make your wedding feel less special if you keep bumping into people you don’t know! Therefore, you can make your wedding extra special by getting an exclusive venue. That way, there will be no one else aside from your guests during the big day. It can make your guests feel more comfortable too if they know they don’t have to be concerned about offending strangers. And with an exclusive wedding reception venue, you know that all the staff will be focused on your big day so it can make you feel like you and your new husband are VIPs.

Opt for a venue that has plenty of room for your guests

It’s also important that you have enough room for guests at your wedding venue. After all, there’s nothing worse than everyone being cramped in one room. In fact, it can make it a nightmare when your guests are trying to get a great shot of the first dance. And it can be hard for everyone to get their groove on with limited space. Therefore, to ensure your wedding reception is fantastic, you need to pick a spacious venue. With more than one room, it can be good if people want some time away from the loud music. After all, it can be hard for older guests to handle hours of listening to loud tunes!



Make sure that the food is to die for at the venue

Another thing that can help your wedding reception to stand out from the crowd is the food. After all, everyone can’t wait to try the wedding breakfast. And you want to leave a lasting impression. The best way you can do this is to make sure the catering is top notch. Ask for samples before the big day so that you can check out the food for yourself. And you can then make changes before your wedding day to ensure the food is cracking. As we said before, remember to ask your caterers if they can do a custom menu for your big day. That way, you can make the food extra special and delicious for your wedding day!

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Keep surprising your guests during the wedding reception

It’s also important to make sure your guests are entertained throughout the day. After all, it can be a long day for guests, especially for people who don’t know many other guests. Therefore, you need to keep surprising them during the day. For example, you might want to hire some magicians to come and keep guests busy in-between wedding breakfast courses. And you could consider doing some fireworks in the evening. These little extras can help your big day to stand out from everyone else’s.

Don’t leave too much time before the disco begins

After the wedding breakfast, it can be a long wait until the disco starts. And it’s easy for some guests to get bored during this time. However, you can ensure you have the perfect wedding reception by timing the day out properly. It’s best to not start the day off too early. Otherwise, there will be a lot of sitting around for guests. You should consider having the ceremony at 1 or 2 pm, and then sit down for the meal at 4 pm. That way, you should be finished by 6.30pm, and then you can start the disco at half 7, so there is only an hour wait for guests. It means they won’t be bored and will enjoy your wedding reception.

Pick somewhere with accommodation close by

There’s nothing worse than having to drive for miles after a wedding. After all, it tends to mean you have to leave earlier. And as for drinking, it has to be out of the question. Therefore, to ensure you hold the perfect wedding reception, you should pick somewhere that has accommodation. That way, people can shuffle to bed once the party is over. And if you can’t find a venue with bedrooms, you should at least pick a venue which has several hotels within five miles. That way, your guests can just get a taxi back to their hotel after the wedding reception and collect the car the next day! Your guests will look back on your wedding reception much more favorably if they can enjoy themselves without worrying about accommodation and transport!


Make sure you accessorise the venue well

Decor is also another way you can make your wedding reception perfect. After all, adding cute touches like special photos of you and the groom, and beautiful flowers around the venue can make your wedding extra special. Therefore, get some great accessories you can use to dress your venue before the big day. The more personal, the better as this will help to make your wedding unique. You can find further help in this article on planning the decor for your venue.

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Don’t make it too formal for your guests  

With a lot of weddings nowadays, they are skipping traditions. After all, things like receiving lines can just make the day feel even longer for guests. And long speeches can also be painful when the guests just want to get merry. So if you want to hold the perfect wedding reception, you need to ensure your wedding isn’t too formal for your guests. Skip traditions which are past their sell-by date and focus on ensuring your guests have a fab time.

Be careful when it comes to your seating arrangements

Sorting the seating plan leaves many couples shuddering in horror. After all, it can be a nightmare sorting out who is sitting where. But if you want to hold the perfect wedding reception, you need to make sure everyone will be comfortable in their seats. After all, you don’t want for your guests to feel uncomfortable next to someone they don’t like. Therefore, spend time getting the seating arrangements right. And if you can’t please everyone, let people sit where they want and have no seating plan! That way, you can’t be blamed for any awkward seating arrangements.

And remember if you need some help holding an amazing wedding reception, you can hire a professional wedding planner to organize your day. They will be able to think of small touches which will make it extra special.


How To Design The Wedding Cake Of Your Dreams

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How To Design The Wedding Cake Of Your Dreams

Planning a wedding can be bittersweet. There will always be elements that you love and some that you find more frustrating than anything else. You might not care an awful lot of some of the details, but we will all probably agree that the cake is one of the most fun parts to plan.

Not only to you get to design this incredibly beautiful feature that holds a special place in ceremonial wedding traditions, but you also get to eat it too. As your wedding planning comes together, you’re going to want to make sure that cake it up to scratch. If you’re unsure of where to, these easy to follow steps should help.

Pick Your Bakery

One of the first things that you’re going to want to do is pick out the bakery or caterer that you’re going to use. It’s likely that you have a design in mind. When that’s the case, you need to be able to find a designer that will be able to recreate it. But, it’s also important to consider your options when it comes to budget (you can often find pricing online using sites like

Stick To Your Theme

Now that you have your baker picked out, you’re going to want to work on a design that fits with your theme. You might find that some bakers provide you with a bunch of incredible designs, none of which work with the style of your wedding. So, at this point, you need to work with what ideas you have. Different cake trends could tempt you, but you have to make sure that the cake sits naturally at your wedding.

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Choose A Filling You Love

Sometimes, a wedding cake is a show pony. It looks great, but it might not have a lot of substance. If you’re a sweet tooth, this could be your worst nightmare. So, what you’re going to need to do is work on your filling options as early as possible. This is where the cake tasting will come in. Not only will it be a lot of fun, but you’ll be able to pick a cake style that tastes incredible too.

Go To Town On The Decor

When your choice of cake is chosen, you can then go to town on the design. The bakery you work with should be able to guide you on what will work. You’ll find that some cake fillings and sponges won’t work as well with certain frostings, but they’ll talk you through the options. Whether you want a showstopper or something classy and understated, make sure you get the decor right – you only get one wedding, so make your cake count.

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Don’t Forget Practicality

As you plan, you can often find that you get wrapped up in the finer details. But, that can sometimes be dangerous. Although it needs to taste good and look incredible, it’s also important to make sure your wedding cake is practical. It doesn’t have to be huge to be impressive either; smaller cakes (like these can really wow. As you design, make sure you think about how it can be transported and whether or not it will melt!


Across The World: The Best Menu for Your Wedding

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Across The World: The Best Menu for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is never an easy task. You have to rent a venue, look for the perfect gown, choose a cake, and so much more! There will always be this pressure to have a perfect wedding. Choosing your wedding menu is also going to be an important and challenging part of this.

It’s perfectly natural that you’d want to impress your guests. However, you must keep in mind that there are a lot of other factors you should consider in planning your wedding menu.

For instance, you must take note of the time when you will be serving the food to your guests. Is it going to be around lunchtime or dinner? How many guests will you be serving? How much is your budget for wedding food? Are you planning for a seated-plated, a buffet, or a food station?

For more info on how to cut your wedding food costs. Here are some ideas as well:

Wedding Menu: Asia vs. Europe

When looking into versatile wedding menus, you can look into European or Asian cuisines. If you’re looking for a light and fancy dinner food, you might want to look into European food. But even though European food is light, it can still satisfy your taste and appetite.

However, if you are looking for a hearty lunch with an oriental twist, the Asian cuisine is a good place to look into. Being a large continent, Asia can surely offer you a wide array of cuisines that will fit your and your partner’s preferences.

Heading West For Your Wedding Food

The European Cuisine is mostly popular for Italian, Greek, and French dishes. This is also probably why most buffets and restaurants avoid missing out these particular themes. Unlike other continents like the American or the Asian continent, European Cuisine has a quite definitive identity because of their drinks, cheese, herbs and spices.

Italian Wedding Menu

Pasta, cheese, herbs and seafood are staples in Italian food. This is because Italians are very conscious about what they take and particular with the quality of the ingredients in the food that they cook.

Greek Wedding Menu

Surrounded by bodies of water, Greek food has a lot of similarities to the Italian cuisine. However, Greek cuisine emphasizes on the color. You might notice that Greek food involves a lot of flavor and color going on by adding fruits and vegetables together. Their dishes are also more on dairy products than meat.

French Wedding Menu

The French on the other hand are famous for their pastries, meat and drinks. Spirited drinks, cocktails, and other alcoholic drinks are a usual especially during dinner time for the French. This is also why classic champagne or signature cocktails are always present during a wedding, most especially for the symbolic toast.

Choosing Among Asia’s Best

Since Asia is a very big continent, it is quite challenging to sum up its cuisines in one definitive line. There are a lot of ideas that may come to mind when we say Asian cuisine. However, we can categorize Asian cuisines as East Asian, South/Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern (as known by most people) or West Asian.

Japanese Wedding Menu

Ramen, sake, and sushi are some of the most famous Japanese dishes. Like most other cuisines, the Japanese are known for using unique ingredients only common in their country like the bonito flakes, mirin, dashi and miso are some of their well-known food ingredients. However, the Japanese are not very keen on drinks.

Indian Wedding Menu

Curry and turmeric, those are some of the things that come to our minds when we hear about Indian cuisines. However, curry based dishes aren’t the only dishes you can serve on your wedding day. Indian cuisine is also known for Buddhist and Hinduist influences. This is also why vegetarian dishes play an important role in Indian dishes.

Don’t Sweat It – It’s Your Day!

At the end of the day, your wedding itself is the most important thing, and not just the food. Fortunately, nowadays you can go for a food tasting with caterers before you book them. That way, you won’t be making decisions out of thin air.

Stressing yourself about the smallest details might actually just lead to a bad wedding day. Remember that choosing the perfect wedding menu for you and your partner is not all about impressing your guests. More importantly, it should embody you and your partner’s tastes and preferences.

Hot Trends In Making And Decorating Cakes In 2016

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Hot Trends In Making And Decorating Cakes In 2016

Top 10 Cake Designs For 2016

With the end of the year fast approaching, we are excited to share the cake making and decorating trends that rocked in 2016. From Watercolor and Nature’s Beauty to Classic Copper and 2D Fondant Shapes, I’m sure you are going to be crazy with these new techniques and ideas if this is your goal for the New Year. Read on to learn more.

1. 3D and 2D Fondant Characters

3D and 2D Fondant Characters are nothing new for biscuits but in 2016 they made their way into kid’s birthday cakes in a big way. The reason for this is that children love themed birthday cakes and they appreciate when they see their loved characters on the cakes. If you want to try something new for your kids this coming year, this trend is worth your time and money.

Hot Trends In Making And Decorating Cakes In 2016

It is easy, achievable and gives wonderful look. We can’t say which is easier between 3D and 2D because both of these designs have their own challenges. Your preferred design will ultimately depend on what you what you want to achieve.

2. Nature’s Beauty

People have been showcasing the natural garden gorgeousness on cakes for long that the trend has become the norm. However, in 2016, there was a new way of showcasing this nature’s beauty. People made cakes and decorated them with lush arrangements of fresh flowers, lemon leaves, and herbs. This trend leaves a pleasant scent in an unexpected way, along with natural greenery.

It is easy, achievable and gives wonderful look. We can’t say which is easier between 3D and 2D because both of these designs have their own challenges. Your preferred design will ultimately depend on what you what you want to achieve.  2. Nature’s Beauty People have been showcasing the natural garden gorgeousness on cakes for long that the trend has become the norm. However, in 2016, there was a new way of showcasing this nature’s beauty. People made cakes and decorated them with lush arrangements of fresh flowers, lemon leaves, and herbs. This trend leaves a pleasant scent in an unexpected way, along with natural greenery. 

The theme is very easy to achieve. After making your favorite cake and dressing it with your favorite frosting, the next step is to dress it with these beautiful nature-inspired garnishes. If you are wondering on how to make store bought frosting better for these types of cakes, there are several ways you can use to improve it.

3. Metallics

Metallics is also another trend that gained popularity this year, especially for wedding cakes. For main years now, this trend has gained ground in interior design and fashion and it not a surprise that it is being appreciated on cakes. We are not talking about an ordinary silver or golden vintage style, but a more old-Hollywood, art-deco stylized look.

2016 wedding cake trends

The best part about metallic cakes is that they are able to adapt to any style. You can consider. For inspiration, there are several images of stunning metallic cakes with copper, gold, and shades of silver that we are sure will make you go gaga in 2017.

4. Watercolour

It is true many people are obsessed with watercolor painting. Due to this reason, in 2016, bakers tested the vibrant-colored waters on cakes and the result was awesome. These watercolors painted fondant creations transformed not only cakes but also cookies and cupcakes.

cake trends 2016

If you don’t want to be left behind as far as this trend is concerned, there are several ideas on Pinterest which can help you create your own watercolor flower cakes. Basically, you will need a little alcohol such as vodka, fondant, and food color gels.

5. The Return of chocolate

The next big trend this year was the return of chocolate cakes. Another new chocolate style of decorating cakes emerged and was far more sophisticated than the previous styles. People said goodbye to chocolate curls and piped chocolate shapes and started to embrace the amazing piped chocolate ombre cakes.

2016 wedding cakes

If you want to get in on this trend this coming holiday, a collection of orange, peppermint, brandy, rum and coffee extracts will give you some creativity with your chocolate icing flavors too.

6. Classic Copper

Copper also experienced an explosive comeback in 2016, this time round taking over the kitchen and positively affecting the way cakes are made and decorated. People started making beautiful and elegant personalized and custom cakes from using copper Color Mist and Pearl Dust.

2016 wedding cakes

If a wedding or birthday party is your next goal for the New Year, this stylish, inviting and down classic copper cakes can dress up or down any occasion. You can find great ideas, recipes and all the supplies you will need online including the best Cookware and Bakeware such as pots and pans.

7. Buttercream Flowers

Buttercream Flowers is also another popular trend this year. This trend is basically buttercream that has been reinvented or one that has been given a whirl once again. It features intricate buttercream flowers especially on the top of the wedding cakes.

wedding cake trends 2016

If you want to get in on this trend, there are several step-by-step buttercream flowers tutorial on the internet to help you learn how to create your own. By using food color gels, buttercream icing, carnations, pansies, authentic roses, a variety of piping tips and just a little practice, you will find this trend easy and achievable.

8. Font & Letter 

Unique fonts and fun lettering help people to express their special message. In 2016, this practice spilled over into kitchen particularly in making and decorating cakes. This trend saw many people make big statements by writing fun and unique message on birthday cakes and wedding cakes.

2016 wedding cake trends

Just say goodbye to the phone messages and get creative on birthday wishes or wedding celebrations through fun lettering and unique fonts. After all that work of baking, frosting, stacking or filling, there are few tips and tricks to help you start the art of writing on the cake.

9. Monogrammed designs

This year, there was an increasing desire to come up with unique cakes for various events. Monogrammed designs became one of the options that many people choose for personalization. This trend comes with it many endless possibilities. From size to font combination, you can achieve something traditional or modern.

wedding cake trends

Just keep in mind that this is a versatile style for making and decorating cakes with which your event will stand out from the rest. As many continue to explore this trend, we are sure it is going to be one of the biggest hits of 2017.

10. The Statement Ring

The Statement Ring sums up this list of hot trends in making and decorating cakes in 2016. In fact, in 2015, this trend was all about the statement flower which featured one big single bloom and gum paste that acted as the focal point of a cake.

wedding cake trends

The statement ring keeps up with the jewelry theme but it is a bit different. Cake tops are circled with amazing wreaths of icing flowers. This amazing arrangement gives the cake a sophisticated update.

wedding cake trendsJennifer is a certified cook enthusiast and a legit photographer from Ohio, USA. She is a food lover and thus makes blogs about it at Imaddictedtocooking, which include her own photos for the demonstration of how the recipes are made.  Contact her at @jenniferimaddi1

A Bit of Sun Delivered To Your Door

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A Bit of Sun Delivered To Your Door

I recently had a box filled with yumminess delivered to my door. Of course I have heard of all new make up boxes that get delivered directly to you. They seem very popular and a fun idea. I still like the idea of going to the make up counter to pick out items, call me ol’ fashioned!

When it comes to cooking meals at home I enjoy it, can do it, but often get stuck in a rut cooking the same things. I guess you could call them my “go-to’s” that I know taste good and are easy. Now that I have a toddler easy and quick are key words to anything I need to do. My Sun Basket box arrived and was packed nicely. Everything labeled and organized. Like someone went in your grocery store basket and said, “hey, let me help you organize and label your meals.” Umm yes please!



After unpacking and adding everything to the fridge I looked over the three meals and their recipe cards. I am a visual person and was happy to see a beautiful photo of what the final meal should look like. I decided the first meal I cooked to be the pasta dish with collards. I like the way the break down what to start prepping first and what to work on while something else is cooking. This is very helpful.



I have cooked two of the three meals and this one is my absolute favorite. The combination of simple flavors was so good, so good! I ate my whole plate! Seen below is the finished product.


I wasn’t sure if getting meals to cook in a box delivered to my door was going to deliver this high of quality of food but it did. Easy to cook, easy to understand and fresh and bright flavors. I really enjoyed these and I can see myself using a service like this more. Not having to think about what to cook for dinner is so nice. Sun Basket would be a great gift idea for a newlywed couple. How much fun for them to cook together. A great time to bond and be together.

Why not surprise your fiancé by ordering meals from Sun Basket and then cooking up a special dinner? They would think you became a culinary expert overnight!

My photos are all taken with my iPhone, so not the best quality. I was snapping away while I was cooking! Head over to Sun Basket to see truly lovely images of the food and learn more about what they offer! Right now I believe the delivery is limited to a few states, but I have a feeling that this will grow quickly!

Eat Off A Silver Spoon

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Eat Off A Silver Spoon

Don’t we all wish we were born with that silver spoon? An easy life, parents have a trust fund set up for us, work if you want to…OH Wake Up! That’s not us at all, we have always worked hard and made our way but a girl can dream, right? Well we are dreaming of a beautiful wedding day for you and your groom. What could be the final touch to make those memories last? A silver spoon. You may have seen these in a vineyard wedding we have shared in the past. When we first saw them we instantly fell in love.

The best part? You get to use these after the wedding and what a special gift to pass on to your child for their wedding day! Find the silver vintage spoons and forks here. These are independently made which is even more reason to go out and get your set today!


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.45.08 AM


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.45.20 AM


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.45.35 AM


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.45.58 AM


A New Kind of “Bar” for Your Reception

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A New Kind of “Bar” for Your Reception

We know the basic and standard bar at a wedding. It serves drinks, you have a bartender, they offer cocktails and beer and wine. Over the years the bar has been upgraded and specialized to feature different items. A dessert bar has become popular whether featuring your creating your favorite ice cream sundae or sampling many different home-made pies. Then the ever popular candy bar has always been a hit for those with a sweet tooth. The bloody mary bar has become popular with every kind of condiment you can think of.

So what if you went to a wedding and you saw a “Canna Bar”? What is that you say? It’s a bar dedicated to all things cannabis; weed that is! This could include edibles such as brownies and cookies. Jars of different types of weed from mellow to higher energy strains all displayed in clear glass jars. I’m guessing you could also have a marijuana expert attending the bar to help with any questions your guests may have!

With many states including Oregon and Washington giving the ok to legally smoke the wacky tobacco it will soon be an option for couples getting married. Mary Lou Burton has been in the wedding industry for many years and has seen many trends come and go. With the recent legalization of marijuana in Oregon brides and grooms are asking for “Weed Bars”. Mary Lou is working out the legal aspect of it to make sure it follows all state standards.

As of now you can’t just have jars of weed at your wedding so don’t jump the gun. Check out this recent interview she had with KGW 7.   It this is something you’d like at your upcoming wedding then be sure to ask your coordinator if they know how to go about it. You always want to be sure to follow legal restrictions for your state and county. The vibe at weddings is about to change from crazy drinking to chill and mellow!

What do you think? Is this something you’d like or should it be kept to private quarters?

whiskey bar

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candy bar

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bloody mary bar


image from


weed bar weddings


image from

weed in food

image thanks to

Time for Wine!

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Time for Wine!

Living in the Pacific Northwest you get exposed to a lot of wine. The vineyards can been seen a short drive out of the city. Winery tours are available and taste testings are happening. Doesn’t it sound heavenly to be sitting on a patio, sipping on a lovely Pinot Noir while snacking on cheese and crackers? Umm yes! Sign us up. Oh wait. We have a toddler, are self employed and during any down time are either trying to nap or clean the house. Boo, we are so not fun but we found a solution to a full day trip to a winery.

Wine delivery! Sign up for the Plonk Wine Club and choose from 2, 4, or 12 bottles delivered to your doorstep each month. There is the white wine club, the red wine club or mixed red wine club. You know you are getting amazing wines since the program was created by Etty Lewensztain, a curly-haired food and wine expert and Los Angeles native who is certified by the esteemed Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and the American Sommelier Association.

Wouldn’t this make an amazing gift to give a newly wed couple? What a treat for them to continue receiving bottles of wine each month. That may just be the thing to keep that relationship going! Haha. Cheers! – Alexis

wine club

Plunk Wine Club