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Kyra Wedding Cakes

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Kyra Wedding Cakes

We love sweets. Cake, cookies, chocolate, caramel, pies, shall we go on? That’s why when we heard from Kyra that she would share some images of her wedding cakes with us, our mouth started watering. Yum! Honestly, our favorite part of the wedding reception is when it’s time to cut the cake. We want to thank her for taking the time to chat with us and share with you a little about her and what trends she is seeing in the wedding industry and of course a bit of advice for you. Enjoy!

wedding cakes kyraWhat do you specialize in?


We primarily specialize in pastries, such as celebration cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies and scones, although we offer so much more. And oh yeah, everything we do is absolutely delicious AND 100% gluten-free.

How many years have you been in business?


I’ve been in business for 7 years now, all beginning with our first stint on the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.”

 How did you get started in the wedding industry?


 I made a cake for some friends, and people at the wedding went nuts for it. It was all word of mouth: couples kept approaching me, asking me to make custom cakes, or a dessert buffet arrangement for them, and I was honored that they wanted to include my creations on their big day!

 Any trends you are seeing within your field for 2016?


 Lots of metallics. Feather detailing. Small table centerpiece cakes for 8 people to share. Rustic Chic is still really big, and we’re starting to see more elaborate, larger cakes, and dessert buffets. Nearly every couple we talk with wants something truly unique and customized for them, so we are doing lots of themed dessert bars, in addition to the show piece cake.

 What advice would you give a couple who is planning their wedding day?

 Remember that ultimately, it’s a day, albeit a very fun day. But their relationship is more important than any one detail. Stop, breathe, and look around and try to soak up the day and all the support and love shining at them from their friends and family, because that’s what it’s all about!

wedding cakes IMG_2004 DSC00922 DSC00901 IMG_5261
For more information about availability and questions about catering and cakes contact Kyra here!
Temporary Wedding Tattoos from Fuzzy & Birch

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Temporary Wedding Tattoos from Fuzzy & Birch

We love Instagram and recently found something so fun we couldn’t help but find out more information so we could pass it on to you. So we harassed Jenni and pleaded with her to share the details about this fun, new product she created. Do you already see yourself having temporary tattoos for your bridal shower, wedding day or reception? Learn more about her and the rad tattoos. Note, these are so new you need to pre-order your kit asap! 

What is it that makes some weddings feel so unique and magical, while others fall flat?

My name is Jenni and I was like you once… I was hunting for that one-of-a-kind twinkle that makes your wedding feel rare and exceptional.

I got married in 2012 and we did a lot of offbeat things for our wedding. But the one thing I learned was that the little details made a big difference. When people talk to me about my wedding now, it’s always those tiny touches that make them light up.

Since my wedding all those years ago, I still can’t help but gravitate to those little things! As I’m a Etsy seller by trade, I was recently inspired to create the ultimate one-of-a-kind touch: completely personalized wedding tattoos!

wedding tattoos


Many of my brides order their own tattoos for the bachelorette party or bridal shower. Some brides prefer to use the tattoos on their wedding day as a special favor for the bridesmaids.

Customizable tattoos are the ultimate memorable touch: you get to spend the day with your girls putting your tattoos on, taking pictures, showing them off and making memories together! There are tons of different designs available for you to choose from on Etsy.

temp tattoos wedding


But what if you want some sparkle on your wedding day? The number 1 question I always get about custom tattoos is: can you do this in gold?

The answer, unfortunately, was always no.

You see, gold tattoos are created on a special die cut machine. This means that you have to carve your design into a metal plate and use it to stamp gold foil onto special paper. As I’m sure you can imagine, carving a metal plate for every single bride’s name isn’t very cost effective…Nor is it very kind to the environment!

For this reason, most shops require that you order 500 gold tattoos or more. So what can you do if you you want custom gold flash tattoos in a reasonable quantity?

Absolutely nothing.

Until now.

temp wedding tattoos

It’s my opinion that Brides deserve what they want on their wedding day. Most of us only do this once, and we’ll remember it forever. It needs to look how you want it to look.

So I’ve spent the last month working away, trying to figure out how to create custom gold flash tattoos to my brides. About a week ago, I had a breakthrough. I figured out how to create literally ANYTHING in gold or silver metallic.

I was trying to figure out how to share this amazing discovery with my customers when I realized: one of the best things about my wedding was that I got to DIY everything. I have so many memories of creating things for the wedding with my friends and family. It’s these memories I really treasure…and I know I’ll remember those days forever!

So rather than selling my creations, I decided to create a DIY Flash Tattoo Kit! You can use this kit to create your own gold and silver flash tattoos at home! Each tattoo takes a minute or less to create, and you can draw them by hand or use our awesome stencils to get a professional result every time!

temporary wedding day tattoos

I’m really excited about this product! It means anyone can create flash tattoos in their own home, and for very little money! You can create 1 or 200…it’s up to you. These little guys are perfect for some wedding day sparkle! Use them to complement your existing accessories or add a special message hidden among your bracelets ☺

The DIY Flash Tattoo kit is so new that it’s currently only available for pre-order. Check out the how-to video here, or pre-order your kit here.

I’ll be giving away one of these kits on Instagram when they are ready to ship in 14 days! Follow me on Instagram to get all the details!


Jenni is the owner and creator of Fuzzy and Birch, a sarcastic wedding shop. You can find her on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, or on the DIY Flash Tattoo Kit Website.
Diva Matters Ministry

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Diva Matters Ministry

We are excited to share with you another interview with a local wedding vendor in Portland, Oregon. Rev. Dee Richardson has kindly taken time to chat with us about her and the trends she is seeing with weddings. One of the most important people is the person who performs your ceremony. We have seen the trend of “friends” performing the service. This is a nice way to personalize it but it can also go wrong. I have seen so many weddings where the “friend” forgot what to say next, didn’t step out of the way for photos etc. Sometimes it’s better to hire experience, especially for one of the most important days of your life!

Rev. Dee head shots 2012-11-15 075What do you specialize in?

I specialize in personalized, heartfelt, meaningful ceremonies, and I work with ALL couples, in all kinds of places, for all kinds of weddings!! I am an Interfaith/Nondenominational Minister and perform many many weddings for couples who want ZERO religion or are not faith based at all. I match each couple exactly where they are and want to represent them in their entirety, whether that be religious, spiritual, or none of the above!!!

I like to make it fun and I take the stress out of the whole process, from writing up their own Vows, to experiencing the most wonderful day possible on their Wedding Day!! I make friends with many of my couples which continue on long after their wedding!!

How many years have you been in business?

I got my Ministerial License in November 2008 – 8 years ago. I have been performing Weddings ‘full-time’ since 2012 –  4 years.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I am a ‘People Person’ and my role at the church I was involved in for 7-8 years, was changing, so I got my own office separate from the church, and began seeing clients/couples soon thereafter. I attended as many networking events as I could find, to get my name out there and things began opening up. I have never stopped since!! I LOVE meeting each couple in my office, getting to know them and sharing in their joy!! I had no idea that Weddings would take over 75% of my business, and I love it! I also perform Funerals/Memorials, Baby Blessings, House Blessings, Spiritual Counseling and Pre-marital Counseling.

Any trends you are seeing within your field for 2016?

I am seeing a lot of couples who are having alternatives to having their ‘Dad’ walk them down the aisle.

Both parents, Two dads(step and bio), Brother…..many different combos!! Dogs in the ceremony too!

 What advice would you give a couple who is planning their wedding day?

~To remember that it is “THEIR” day, and try not to fall into the trap of pleasing everyone else. 

~AND>>the biggest thing, is to realize that the day will be over in a FLASH<<< and so not to get stressed out by getting TOO caught up in all the menusha and ENJOY the day to the fullest. All the planning you do is good, but something is bound to go wrong on the day-of…however, no one else will know but you…and usually it makes for good memories!!

Please visit her website for more information and ask her questions about officiating ceremonies.

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Sunday Interview. Red Letter Days

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Sunday Interview. Red Letter Days

Welcome back to our relaxed and lazy Sunday Interview series. We talk to a professional wedding vendor each Sunday and share with you what they have to say. It’s a great way to learn more about them and get real advice. Grab your coffee or tea and enjoy!

Today we are pleased to interview Micaela of Red Letter Days, owner and photographer. Photography is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day, beside the groom! Here is what Micaela had to say when we asked her some questions.

red letter day photography What do you specialize in? “Weddings & Portraits.”

How long have you been in business? “Since 2011.”

How did you get started in the wedding industry? “I knew right away when starting the business that weddings were going to be the main focus for me.  My passion for people and capturing their love and emotions just naturally pulled me in that direction.  Getting started, the most powerful tools were building good relationships with clients and a lot of networking.  Of course a lot of hard work to build that portfolio was important as well.”

Are there any trends you are seeing with your field for 2016? “When it comes to trends in photography, first looks and open air photo booths seem to be going strong in 2016, as well as first looks with dad.  Hiring a videographer is becoming more popular and something I absolutely love to see. It makes me so happy to see couples investing in professionals to preserve their memories.”

What advice would you give a couple who is just planning their wedding day? 

 1- Invest in the things that matter the most to you.  Weddings can be overwhelming, and they cost a pretty penny.  Prioritize your budget and hire professionals to help you see it through.
  2- Hire a coordinator. You may be the best wedding planner on the planet, but on your wedding day, you need someone to steer the ship.  That someone can’t be you, it shouldn’t be your mom, or even your friend. You want your loved ones to be able to enjoy the day with you.  Having someone directing the day will allow for every aspect to flow better and allow your vendors to better do their jobs. Stress free is always the best way to go!
  3- Enjoy your day.  Don’t put so much pressure on yourself that you forget to let the moments sink in. Remember, you’re celebrating one of the happiest stages of your life.  Cheers!

Thanks again for taking the time to share with us and our readers. Head over to her website, Red Letter Days to find out more about her and see more work!

red letter days wedding photography red letter days wedding photography red letter days wedding photography red letter days wedding photography red letter days wedding photography red letter days wedding photography


Coreene Collins Hair & Make Up

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Coreene Collins Hair & Make Up

Our interview series continues with Coreene Collins. Take a moment to learn more about her and what she does and any trends she see’s for the upcoming wedding season! Enjoy.

make up and bridal hair

1. What do you specialize in? I specialize in Bridal Hair and Make Up.” 

 2. How many years have you been in business?
 “I have been in the beauty industry for over seven years. I have been in the bridal industry for five years.”
3. How did you get started in the wedding industry?
 “For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with the bridal industry. In highschool, I wanted to be a wedding dress designer. The love for hair and make up came naturally. I was late to all the highschool dances because I was the one doing all of my friends hair and makeup. When I realized my love for hair/ make up, I decided to decline a private college scholarship and attend the local beauty school.
After beauty school, friends and family were asking me to do their hair and make up for their weddings. I became fascinated with updos and everything bridal. I decided that “Bridal” was going to be my specialty. I attended many advance hair and make up education courses before I created my own bridal business. It’s been an amazing journey so far. I have been honored to receive the Weddingwire Couples Choice Award 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 for my talent and customer service. I can honestly say, after five years, I still love what I do.”
4. Any trends you are seeing within your field for 2016?
 “Yes! Every year brings new ideas to the beauty industry which, in turn, flow into the bridal industry. For hair, I am seeing more messy fishtail braids incorporated in up/down dos. For make up, I have been seeing more highlighted”glowy skin” than harsh contouring. Depending on the season, brides will be wearing nude glossy lips or berry colored matte lips.”
5. What advice would you give a couple who is planning their wedding day?
 “I have been happily married for five years, but the memories of planning our wedding seem like yesterday! I would tell couples to take time out of their day and NOT talk about the wedding. Just be yourselves, enjoy the engagement period and have fun. This will help the both of you refocus and help keep your sanity before the wedding day.” 
Thanks to Coreene for taking time out of her day to talk with us. Head over to her website for more info and to see more images from past weddings. You can follow her on twitter @coreenecollins and Instagram @coreenecollinshair.
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An Interview with Kim, Owner of Geranium Lake Flowers

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An Interview with Kim, Owner of Geranium Lake Flowers

I’m thrilled to announce a new blog series starting in 2016. I will be sharing interviews with professional wedding vendors and samples of their work. Many couples get engaged, get excited and just dive in to the planning of their event. This can often mean mistakes are made and having to back track. We don’t want you do that. Let’s work on getting it right the first time to save you money and stress. Over the course of the interview series you will learn about the business owner and they will give a piece of advice to help you. Everyone who is featured has been in business a minimum of three years. Grab your tea or coffee, sit back and let’s learn!

Today’s interview is with the talented Kim Foren, owner of Geranium Lake Flowers. Kim has been in the industry for many years and great start to our series!


1How long have you been in the wedding industry? “I’m on my 23rd year, and I’m still inspired.”

How did you get started in the wedding industry? “I have always loved helping people, and the magic of weddings. As a a painter, I learned to translate feelings and thoughts into images with oils and brushes, and theres nothing more magical than being able to listen to a bride or groom’s hope and dreams about their special day and help them translate that into the gorgeous language of flowers. It’s such a magical process!”

Do you have a favorite flower? “Lily of the Vally or Peonies. DO I have to pick just one? No fair!”

Are there any trends you are seeing for 2016 wedding season? “Deconstructed bouquets! I’m working on a lot of of floral structures like chandeliers and other interesting installations. My clients are loving a fresh floral backdrop for a “selfie” station.”

What advice would you give a couple who is planning their wedding day? “Find a floral designer you trust and who listens to what you want.”

Thanks again to Kim for taking time out of her busy day to chat with us. Find out more about her services and view more of her work by visiting Geranium Lake Flowers.

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Erica Anne Photography

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