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Foe & Dear Wedding Jewelry

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Foe & Dear Wedding Jewelry

We love being the first to know about new collaborations. Especially when they are as fabulous as this pair. We are also big fans of supporting local & small business. Take a moment to bask in the beauty of this delicate wedding jewelry that will make any bride feel extra special on her big day. Be sure to shop their online gallery link below to learn more!

Working with like-minded brands has become an annual project for Truvelle, and now the Vancouver bridal designer is ready to launch their first 2017 Maker Collaboration. While it may seem obvious for a wedding dress designer and jewelry brand to partner, the designs resulting from this particular collaboration with local maker Foe & Dear are anything but conventional. With quality metal sourced from a supplier in the city, and naturally-occurring moonstones used in place of diamonds, these dream-worthy pieces bring a unique option to the table for the simple and effortless bride. Even more, the subtle iridescence of these stones gift brides their little something blue. 

For all of the conscious consumers out there, this collection is designed and handcrafted entirely in Vancouver by F&D Founder Katherine Huie, and can be found exclusively in Truvelle’s online shop and Gastown Showroom. 

Image Credits:

Jewelry : Foe & Dear

Creative Direction : Truvelle

Photographer : Gillian Stevens Photography

Hair & Makeup : The Artistry Collective

Model : Shereen Jupp 

Location : The Wild Bunch

Diamonds Are Forever: What To Look For In An Engagement Ring

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Diamonds Are Forever: What To Look For In An Engagement Ring

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An engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewelry a woman will ever own. Not only does it signal that she’s in a committed relationship, but it’s also a physical token of the love that she and her partner share. With such emotions at stake, from going into a jewelry store alone, without her to guide him, right up to planning the proposal itself guys can often find themselves confused when choosing the perfect ring.

Diamonds Have Colour


It sounds strange to talk about color when describing diamonds, but there’s quite an extensive color chart that most jewelers follow. White or colorless diamonds are the rarest, and so cost the most, these are graded with the letter D and subsequent diamonds with slight hints of color are graded all the way to Z. Most good, reputable jewelers tend to use diamonds from between D-H and I-J however; there are also diamonds known as ‘fancies’ who are prized for their intense, distinct color but they are usually only found in pieces of jewelry worth thousands of dollars. Fancies appear to contain hues of pinks, blues, and greens and are incredibly beautiful.

What Sort Of Cut?


Surprisingly, the cut of the diamond itself is almost more important than the color as the cut is what gives the diamond its shape. It’s vital you look carefully at the cut of a diamond as any inferior workmanship will be highlighted and tends to compromise the jewel’s sparkle. Diamonds come in many shapes, but the most common are pear, marquise, princess, oval and heart shaped so check out all of these in person. Proposing is an intense business for most guys, so you want to be certain on engagement ring settings and shapes before you make the grandest gesture ever. Your almost fiancé may already have given you an idea of what she likes so stealthily borrow a ring she already has, to obtain her ring size, and if you feel comfortable talk to her best friend about style, although, be subtle you don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Flickr Photo Credit: Rubyran


Check The Clarity

Normally people tend to have quite a strong opinion on this. Either they love the idea of tiny inclusions, completely natural, in a gemstone or they hate them. Sometimes jewelers will need to use a specific tool called a loupe, or magnifying eye glass, to even see them so as long as there are no glaring imperfections it’ll be fine. You also need to pay attention to the karat, no not the orange vegetable, as that determines the weight and size of the gem so the higher the karat, the more expensive it’ll be.

Think About The Cost


Contrary to what De Beers believe an engagement ring doesn’t need to be two, or three months salary, in fact updated statistics now show it’s around a month or less. There’s no point in giving her a beautiful, priceless ring and then having no money left over to plan the wedding. Having said that it should also symbolize your feelings of love, devotion and respect towards the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.


Tips for Planning a Christmas Proposal

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Tips for Planning a Christmas Proposal

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Christmas proposals will never go out of style because they make an already universally celebrated holiday even more special. If you have plans to pop the question on Christmas, visit and choose an engagement ring that captures the joy of the season. After you have your engagement ring in hand, you can begin to plan a Christmas proposal like no other. Decide on all the other important factors such as whether you’ll be in the company of relatives or tucked in a private setting before you work out the other vital details.

Choosing the Right Time to Propose at Christmas

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For many people, Christmas is all about goodwill to mankind. Show that you can give freely from the heart by pairing your proposal with a meaningful speech. You can tell your significant other how much she means to you by reminiscing about the sacrifices she has made or telling her about how her past actions have softened your heart. When you do decide to propose on Christmas, timing is vital. You may want to tuck your engagement ring under the Christmas tree, or hold onto it and present it at Christmas dinner.
Notifying Friends and Family of Your Christmas Proposal Plans

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Since your inner circle will undoubtedly be told of your Christmas proposal soon after you make it, it’s a good idea to let certain key people in your and your significant other’s lives know in advance. If you are from a traditional family, it is customary to go to the parents of the future bride to ask for their approval. In any instance, you’ll feel better about being supported by your family and loved ones when you’re planning to ask the big question on Christmas Day. You may be surprised when you receive helpful suggestions on how to make your proposal well received.
Setting the Mood for a Proposal on Christmas Day

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So, you have your engagement ring and you have mapped out how you and your significant other will be spending Christmas day. You’ll next need to set the mood for your Christmas proposal, and you’ll want to get it just right. If you want your proposal to be a surprise, you’ll need to behave as you normally would, which can be a bit challenging when your heart is racing in anticipation. Others enjoy doing things out of the ordinary, such as planning elaborate vacations in tropical settings. The best way to set the mood is to pay attention to your significant other’s demeanor, and then take your cues from her emotions.
When made properly, Christmas proposals are especially thoughtful and memorable. You can make Christmas a day for celebration in more ways than one by pulling off a proposal that will leave your mutual friends amazed, and your family beaming with pride. Take the time to gauge your significant other’s feelings and viewpoints before you stroll in with engagement ring in hand, and you will feel very special yourself when she accepts your marriage proposal without a second thought.

Commemorating Your Big Day: Unique Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Ring

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Commemorating Your Big Day: Unique Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Ring

When you think of wedding ceremonies, the vows and exchanging of the rings stand out. The wedding ring has been a symbol of enduring love for centuries. Many of us still choose to wear wedding bands, but traditional styles aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for something unique to commemorate your special day, here are some suggestions to inspire you.

Rings with a difference

If somebody asked you to draw a wedding ring, you’d probably produce a picture of a plain, solid gold or silver band. Traditionally, wedding bands are unbroken pieces of precious metal, which are worn by both men and women. However, you don’t have to choose a conventional style if you’d rather have something different. You could customize your own rings, or buy something that is more ornate, for example. Some women choose to have gems and stones in their wedding bands. Men may prefer something a little more robust than a gold band and go for a heavier metal such as titanium, for example. It comes down to personal choice and what you want to wear for the rest of your life. If you’re shopping for jewelry, it’s always a good idea to try some styles before you buy. Rings often look very different on your hand to how they do on a display shelf. It’s also important to make sure that your wedding band fits with your engagement ring.

Commemorating Your Big Day: Unique Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Ring

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Necklaces and bracelets

Not everyone likes wearing rings, and in some cases, it may be impractical to wear a band every day. Are you a gardener, a builder or a nurse, for example? If so, you may prefer to have a different piece of jewelry that you don’t have to remove all the time. You could wear a ring on a chain, or design a bracelet or necklace to mark your wedding day. You may choose something like a locket that is engraved with the date and contains your favorite wedding photograph.


Tattoos are an increasingly popular alternative to wedding bands. Ink is permanent and this mimics the idea of wearing a ring on your hand forever. You can choose from all kinds of different wedding ring tattoos. You could have plain bands printed on your ring fingers, or design a unique pattern yourselves. The date of your wedding and your spouse’s initials are other personal touches you may wish to consider. Many couples choose to have the tattoo where they would wear a ring. But you could have a tattoo anywhere on your body. You don’t always have to have matching tattoos. Some people choose to have a tattoo to match their partner’s wedding ring. If you don’t like wearing rings, or it’s not practical to have a ring, but your partner wants one, this could be an option.

Commemorating Your Big Day: Unique Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Ring

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Wedding rings have been a tradition for centuries. For many of us, it’s a joy to wear a wedding band every day. But this is not the only way of commemorating your special day and symbolizing your love. There are other options too. If you’re keen to swerve wedding traditions, or you’d rather something more personal, don’t be afraid to be different.

Whatever you decide to do, commemorate your big day with any of the unique alternatives to the traditional wedding ring that feels right for both of you.

Why Do We Give Rings When We Get Married?

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Why Do We Give Rings When We Get Married?

Wedding rings are one of the most important items on any bride-to-be’s shopping list, on the run-up to the big day. Placing rings onto each other’s fingers is the most significant moment of a wedding, and rings have been used to symbolize marriage all across the globe for centuries. It’s something that’s so commonplace, you might not have ever stopped to wonder exactly why it is that we give rings when we get married.

The Circle Is The Symbol of Eternity

Many ancient cultures viewed the circle as the symbol of eternity. The circle of a ring was used to represent the everlasting love between partners. Interestingly, the centre of the ring is also significant. The space was viewed as a door leading to the unknown which is a journey that marriage takes you on.

Culture Depicts Which Hand, and Finger The Wedding Ring Is Worn

Ever wondered why we wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of our left hand? In other cultures over time and place, they have been worn on different fingers as well as the thumbs of both hands. However, the Romans believed that in the fourth finger of the left hand there was a vein that ran directly to the heart, named the ‘Vena Amoris’. This has since been proven to be false, but it’s the reason why even now we wear wedding and engagement rings on this finger.

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There Have Been Different Materials Used Over Time

The earliest wedding rings are suggested to have been given by the ancient Egyptians, and were made of braided rushes and reeds. Over time, there were other materials used for longer lasting rings. These included animal skins, ivory and bone. The Romans adopted the ring giving practice into their culture where iron rings were given. Later, the Christian religion began to use highly decorated ornamental rings during marriage ceremonies. It wasn’t until around the thirteenth century that rings were simplified, and started to resemble the modern wedding bands that we recognise today. In Western countries, wedding rings are usually made from precious metals. Platinum, palladium, titanium, silver, yellow gold and white gold wedding rings are commonly given in modern weddings. Silicone rings are also gaining popularity. These are the rings of choice for those who can’t wear traditional rings for health and safety reasons with their job. The silicone band allows them to wear a ring permanently rather than having to keep removing it.

wedding blog art of weddings planning your wedding getting engaged planning your wedding day engagement

From Wikipedia

Double Ring Ceremonies Are Modern, Western Practice

Despite rings being given for marriage since ancient times, up until the modern day it was just the bride who received a ring. A double ring ceremony is where both the bride and groom receive rings. It’s something that’s so instantly recognizable at weddings now but is surprisingly not a long standing tradition. The practice of the groom receiving a ring too gained popularity around World War II. This is because partners were often apart for a long time where the men were fighting in the war. And so the idea of both wearing rings (something that had been pitched the public a decade or two earlier and been unsuccessful) was much more appealing. By the late 1940’s, double-ring ceremonies made up the vast proportion of weddings. And the practice, of course, became commonplace among western countries


How to Look Amazing on Your Wedding Day Wearing Bridal Pearl Jewelry

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How to Look Amazing on Your Wedding Day Wearing Bridal Pearl Jewelry

pearls on your wedding day

There is a superstition linking wedding and pearls in the worst ways possible, but just like any superstition or myth, it cannot keep its ground in the face of substantial evidence. Pearls make some of the most luxuriant, beautiful, and refined gems to wear on your wedding day. They won’t bring you tears of sorrow but of joy, as pearls symbolize unity, harmony, and wealth.

The Ancient Greek considered that pearls were the tears of Gods and for all good reasons – they are precious, gorgeous and timeless gems that make some of the most exquisite pieces of contemporary jewelry. If you want to look truly ravishing on your wedding day, let’s see a few tips and tricks to follow when picking the perfect bridal pearl jewelry set.

Not All Pearls Are White

Many consider that pearls are white and sometimes, seldom, black. But they come in a wide array of overtones and hues, and they should be picked according to your personality, skin tone, hair color, and wedding dress style.

  • Lavender pearls are bold and unique, quite rare and highly appraised. They will flatter any bridal attire especially if your skin and hair are a bit darker.
  • Pink pearls are youthful, joyful and bohemian, so they work great with a fairytale-like dress or laidback unconventional bridal outfit. And if you have light skin and blonde hair, you will look striking beyond words.
  • You can also try silver or golden hued pearls, champagne ones and even aqua blue, aubergine or olive toned ones – they should match the dress color and not clash with it, and they should brighten and highlight your complexion and facial features.
  • The trick when choosing your pearl jewelry is to manage to incorporate the pieces into the overall attire, wedding party theme, and your personal style. While white pearls are indeed the simplest choice when it comes to bridal outfits, you can and should try adding a tiny splash of buzzing color for a ravishing effect.
  • If you wear a dress in a different nuance than plain crisp white, you should go with metallic bronze, deep gold or copper overtones of jewelry, as flashy metals like white gold and silver and flashy gems like diamonds, crystals, and Zirconia stones clash against hues like ivory, cream, and egg shell and so on. This is why you should go for pearls in different champagne nuances, pink ones and even golden overtones.

Pick the Right Pearl Jewelry for You

When you get to choose your wedding pearls, you need to know a few things about what is right for you and what doesn’t work so well with your bridal attire.

  • When you pick your pearl earrings, make sure you have your bridal headpiece on (veil, hat, crown, tiara, pins, etc.). The earrings shouldn’t be overwhelmed and made invisible by your headpiece, but they should discretely shimmer and light up your skin tone and face lines.
  • If you are petite in size, you should pick small pearl earrings (studs for instance); if you are tall, you can go for shoulder length ones and chandelier ones, especially if you have an off-shoulders or a strapless wedding dress.
  • Don’t stack too many metals and gems – if you have your pearl engagement ring on your finger and the wedding band in the same metal, you should stop here. Stacking rings on your fingers is flashy. Keep your manicure neat and tidy and have the most two important rings speak volumes about elegance and refinement. Also, if you wear pearls, the metal setting of the jewelry is enough.

Pick pearl pieces you will wear every day after the wedding: if you want big, bold, chunky sparkling bridal accessories, you should rent them. If you want exquisite pieces to wear at the office, with a casual outfit or an elegant one for years to come, then pick a pearl jewelry set with necklace or pendant, earrings, and bracelet. They will be your most faithful companions every time you will want to spice up, highlight, pull together and style any attire, either formal or casual chic.

Pearls are just like the little black dress: ageless and better with time. They make a very good investment and they can be passed down from one generation to the next – thus making them the best “something old” your daughter or granddaughter will receive in her entire life.

We hope you find the right set of pearls for your wedding day!