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Wedding Planner Spotlight: Events By Lisa Marie

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Wedding Planner Spotlight: Events By Lisa Marie

I have been privy to too many weddings that could have used a good wedding planner. If you want to save your brain space for conversations with guests and not wondering why drinks have not been served yet, please hire a wedding planner. Wedding planners save you time and usually money as well. They often know how to go directly to the source of what you are looking for and have close connections with florists, photographers, bakeries, and more.

If you aren’t sure about trusting a wedding planner, Events by Lisa Marie offers free consultations to any bride looking into just what wedding planners do. On top pf that, Events by Lisa Marie offers some great tools for brides in the planning center online.

Things found in the planning center:

  • Basic Planning Guide
  • Budget Planner
  • Who Pays For What Guide
  • Advice on Why To Hire a Wedding Planner

I love when wedding vendors offer up free and useful information. For me, it is all the more reason to sit down and have a consultation with Events by Lisa Marie. In business since 2007 they have years of experience and expertise planning classy and stylish weddings and events.

Photos From Past Weddings

Meet The Wedding Planner at the Art Of Weddings Bridal Show

Yep, that’s right. Events by Lisa Marie will be at the bridal show on January 3rd. Don’t miss your chance to meet the swankiest Portland wedding vendors all in one place. It is easy to get tickets online, so do it now before they sell out!


The Madison Suite – Home of The Wedding Lounge

2013 Art of Weddings Bridal Show Find A Vendor Portland Wedding Vendors reception

The Madison Suite – Home of The Wedding Lounge

Are you having an intimate wedding? Small weddings are popular right now, and a great small wedding venue is emerging in SE Portland. If you haven’t seen The Madison Suite Wedding Lounge, then come check out what they have to  offer at The Art of Weddings bridal show on January 3rd.

The Madison Suite Wedding Lounge is affordable and sassy. It features the following as listed on their website:

  • antique fireplace mantle and wide crown moldings are painted in a semi-gloss black with a modern glass and marble tile surround
  • contemporary chandeliers in a high polish chrome
  • lighting is set with dimmers to help create the mood lighting for your event
  • comfy seating area in front of the faux fireplace features 2 white sofas, 2 black leather ottomans, 4 black leather chairs and a soft and fluffy “flokati” rug

This space looks perfect for a small wedding, bridal shower, or engagement party. Their wedding lounge atmosphere is relaxed, swanky, and fun! For a sit down dinner it can host 34-36, while up to 40-50 for cocktail events and weddings. It comes with hardwood floors, black chairs, tables and linens. Check it out!

Join The Madison Suite at our bridal show on January 3rd. They will be there to show off their wedding lounge along with a curated list of the swankiest wedding vendors in town. Get tickets online now!


Portland Bridal Show Highlights: Citrine and Blue Photography

2013 Art of Weddings Bridal Show Find A Vendor photography Portland Wedding Vendors

Portland Bridal Show Highlights: Citrine and Blue Photography

Today, more on our series of Portland bridal show highlights, Citrine and Blue Photography. Citrine and Blue = Amy and Bob. Amy and Bob seem pretty cool. I am always saying that each Portland wedding vendor has their own unique style. For Citrine and Blue Photography I would say they rock at making people feel at ease while getting photos take on their wedding day or engagement session. They bring about a sense of fun and relaxation. It is clear from how they write about themselves,

Bob and I have the World’s Coolest Jobs. We hang out with tons of happy people, make great photos and get to share a very important day with an awesome couple in love. Sometimes, there is cake. But more importantly, there are photos that capture a day full of joy and magic. And whether you have a big traditional church wedding with 300 guests or a Voodoo Doughnuts wedding with your closest friends and family, it’s your special day. And the bride and groom should feel like rock stars.

We want you to trust us and feel comfortable with us and, most importantly, with having your picture taken on your wedding day. And we feel the best way to do that is to sit down over coffee and talk about your wedding, our photography style and just get to know each other a bit. We want to balance professionalism with laughter and fun at every wedding we photograph. And we guarantee your mom will think Bob is cool, and everyone on Facebook will think your photos are awesome.

That is a great bio and really encapsulates the spirit of Citrine and Blue Photography. The photos I found online from previous weddings were all great fun!

Citrine and Blue Wedding Photos

Join Us For the Art Of Weddings Bridal Show 2013

Citrine and Blue Photography will be ready to answer your questions alongside tons of other Portland wedding vendors at our Portland bridal show on January 3rd, 2013 at The Armory. Tickets are online and selling quick, so get yours now!

Portland Wedding Vendors: Geranium Lake Flowers

2013 Art of Weddings Bridal Show Find A Vendor flowers Portland Wedding Vendors

Portland Wedding Vendors: Geranium Lake Flowers

This morning I have been getting to know Geranium Lake Flowers and learning a lot about wedding flowers and the business of it. As I was researching, I have just become more and more excited to have Geranium Lake Flowers on our list of Portland wedding vendors for this year’s Art of Weddings bridal show on January 3rd. One of the best things about reading about and knowing so many wedding vendors is appreciating them each for their own unique style. Geranium Lake Flowers takes care of the floral arrangements for over 100 weddings each May-October, so I would say they have the style factor down. It is always interesting to hear how people ended up doing what they love and are good at and the owner of Geranium lake Flowers, Kim Foren is no exception. Here is her story as it reads from the Geranium lake Flowers website,

Owner Kim Foren is trained as a fine art painter and showed her whimsical oil paintings for sixteen years at Quartersaw Gallery in Portland. Desiring a change in her corporate life, she started selling flowers in 1993 out of her VW van in front of Grand Central Bakery on SE 22nd and Hawthorne in Portland. She named her business Geranium Lake Flowers inspired by her favorite Windsor and Newton oil paint color “Geranium Lake”, a saturated fuchsia pink. The name serves as a reminder to keep her business creative. Moving to the US Bancorp Tower in 1995, she has become one of the premier floral and event companies in the Portland area. She has personally appeared on NBC’s TODAY Show and her company has attracted such prestigious customers as Portland Monthly magazine, Nike, The Nines Hotel, Leftbank Annex, and many more.

Floral Designs by Geranium Lake Flowers

wedding flowers by Portland wedding vendor Geranium Lake Flowers

Meet Portland Wedding Vendors

You can meet Geranium lake Flowers and other Portland wedding vendors at the Art of Weddings bridal show on January 3rd, 2013. We have compiled a group of what we deem as “the swankiest Portland wedding vendors” and can’t wait to share them with you. All will be ready to talk to you about your wedding and how they can help make your wedding day everything you’ve dreamed of. Tickets to the bridal show are available online, so hurry before they sell out!


Wedding Lighting by Green Light Creative

2013 Art of Weddings Bridal Show Find A Vendor Portland Wedding Vendors reception

Wedding Lighting by Green Light Creative

Wedding lighting is something we haven’t talked about in quite a while. Well, no more putting it off. It is important and can really take your wedding and reception to a whole new level of elegance. Lighting is the easiest and best way (in my opinion) to create your desired ambiance. Brides tend to get wrapped up in details like centerpieces, flowers and other decor and forget the powerful effect that wedding lighting can have on a space. For example, love your wedding venue, but hate the carpet? Lighting can deter the eye away from elements you don’t like and onto elements you do, like architectural columns or drapery.

Want to know more? Contact Green Light Creative, located right here in Portland. They are experts when it comes to lighting events. I advise all brides to consider lighting as part of your budget. One of the best things about it is you can choose how dramatic your lighting becomes. Green Light Creative offers very economical packages for simple lighting as well as very dramatic statements like personalized gobo designs for the walls and ceiling at your reception. Wondering what a gobo is? Here is how Green Light Creative discusses them on their website,

A “gobo” is a metal or glass template that we slide into the lenses of a traditional theatrical spot light. The template is stamped or printed with an image. We “project” these images onto walls, floors, ceilings, canopy surfaces, curtains and backdrops, stages….your imagination is the only limitation!

Green Light Creative Wedding Lighting Design

Here are some event photos from past weddings where Green Light Creative has worked their lighting magic!

wedding lighting in purple by Green Light Creatvie

Indian Russian Wedding lighting

outdoor wedding lighting inside canopy

gobo lighting for a wedding

dramatic wedding lighting by Green Light Creative

Inspired to add wedding lighting into your wedding day? Well, you can make it easy by meeting Green Light Creative at this year’s Art of Weddings bridal show. On January 3rd, Green Light Creative along with a long list of other preferred wedding vendors in Portland will be congregated at The Armory ready to share their wedding expertise with you. Ticket are available online. See you there!



2013 Art of Weddings Bridal Show event sites Find A Vendor Portland Wedding Vendors reception

Best Portland Wedding Venues: Abernethy Center

One of the ways I categorize the best Portland wedding venues is by their ability to host weddings all year round. Abernethy Center is all about year round weddings. They have multiple wedding spaces and are very helpful when it comes to making sure your wedding venue is everything you had imagined. Here is what one couple, Krystal and Keith Scott had to say about choosing the Abernathy Center for their wedding.

“I found Abernethy Center years ago online and fell in love with it! When I got engaged it was the first place I thought of to go look…and I was not disappointed! They made one of the most important days/nights of my life absolutely magical…I have been to many other venues in the Portland Metro area and Abernethy Center truly was the best choice I could have ever made!…If you choose Abernethy Center don’t be afraid to brain storm new and innovative ideas with the staff they are open and willing to work with you to make your special day all that you want it to be!”

I am not really sure I can put it better than that. My favorite space at Abernathy Center is the patio. It is perfect for a cocktail hour before the reception.

Best Portland Wedding Venue Pictures From Abernethy Center

Take Krystal and Keith’s advice about thinking outside the box with Abernethy Center. You can start the conversation at this years Art of Wedding bridal show where you will find them alongside many of the other best Portland wedding venues. Tickets are online and available at the door.

Foodie Friday: A Wedding Caterer  – Chez Joly

2013 Art of Weddings Bridal Show Find A Vendor food and drink Portland Wedding Vendors

Foodie Friday: A Wedding Caterer – Chez Joly

Friday’s on the Art of Weddings blog are all about tantalizing those taste buds and thinking about a favorite foodie parts of planning a wedding. Today, I have some photos that are going to make you wish you had a full stomach. Chez Joly catering is one of Portland’s best wedding caterers. As a wedding caterer, they have been in business since 1990 and are a family owned local wedding vendor. They also have their own intimate event space perfect for a small wedding or rehearsal dinner.

Things You Get With Chez Joly As Your Wedding Caterer

  • wait staff
  • china rentals
  • silverware
  • flowers
  • entertainment
  • beverage service
  • bar service
  • fresh and local ingredients

A Sample Chez Joly Menu Items

  • Oregon Painted Hills Center Cut Filet Mignon served with wild Oregon chantrelles in a Madeira sauce
  • Trapold Farms Oregon Haricot Verte served with roasted challots
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu with a Chardonnay cream sauce
  • Baked Pork Loin stuffed with caramelized apple and cherry chutney
  • Portobello & Wild Mushroom Lasagna with spinach and truffled riccota cheese, balsamic reduction and pesto sauces
  • Pecan Crusted Rack of Lamb with Brown Sugar Barbeque Sauce, Chive Mashed Potatoes, and Roasted Shallot Green Beans

Photos To Make Your Mouth Water

Need to hear about more? Come speak to Chez Joly about how they can help you as a wedding caterer for your big day. They will be there in person at this year’s Art of Weddings bridal show at The Armory. Join all of the best Portland wedding vendors on January 3rd.

Looking for a Wedding Photo Booth? Check Out Portland Photobooth

2013 Art of Weddings Bridal Show Find A Vendor photography Portland Wedding Vendors reception

Looking for a Wedding Photo Booth? Check Out Portland Photobooth

It is no secret that photo booths have become a popular choice for not only weddings, but corporate events, parties and more. It is hard not to love the wedding photo booth idea for many reasons. Especially with a great local company like Portland Photobooth to handle all of  the hard work.

Reasons To Include a Wedding Photo Booth

  1. Instant wedding favors. Guests can take home the prints and have a great memory to tuck in a scrapbook or on a refrigerator to show off how amazing your wedding was.
  2. Instant thank you pics. See the couple below for an idea of what I mean. Using the photo booth to take pics you will use later for thank you cards is fun and creative.
  3. Kids will love it. If you are having kids at your reception this can be a great way to keep them excited about the wedding day events.
  4. It is fun for everyone! Really. It is. There is a reason it is so popular!

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Thanks to the Wedding Bee for the great examples.
An idea of what Portland Photobooth‘s photo results look like.

Portland Photobooth can help you hash out all of the logistic around your wedding photo booth needs. Give them a call or discuss it in person at the Art of Weddings bridal show at The Armory. The show hosts the swankiest bridal vendors in Portland. Get tickets online for a discounted rate!