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Best Portland Wedding Venues: Abernethy Center

One of the ways I categorize the best Portland wedding venues is by their ability to host weddings all year round. Abernethy Center is all about year round weddings. They have multiple wedding spaces and are very helpful when it comes to making sure your wedding venue is everything you had imagined. Here is what one couple, Krystal and Keith Scott had to say about choosing the Abernathy Center for their wedding.

“I found Abernethy Center years ago online and fell in love with it! When I got engaged it was the first place I thought of to go look…and I was not disappointed! They made one of the most important days/nights of my life absolutely magical…I have been to many other venues in the Portland Metro area and Abernethy Center truly was the best choice I could have ever made!…If you choose Abernethy Center don’t be afraid to brain storm new and innovative ideas with the staff they are open and willing to work with you to make your special day all that you want it to be!”

I am not really sure I can put it better than that. My favorite space at Abernathy Center is the patio. It is perfect for a cocktail hour before the reception.

Best Portland Wedding Venue Pictures From Abernethy Center

Take Krystal and Keith’s advice about thinking outside the box with Abernethy Center. You can start the conversation at this years Art of Wedding bridal show where you will find them alongside many of the other best Portland wedding venues. Tickets are online and available at the door.

Foodie Friday: A Wedding Caterer  – Chez Joly

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Foodie Friday: A Wedding Caterer – Chez Joly

Friday’s on the Art of Weddings blog are all about tantalizing those taste buds and thinking about a favorite foodie parts of planning a wedding. Today, I have some photos that are going to make you wish you had a full stomach. Chez Joly catering is one of Portland’s best wedding caterers. As a wedding caterer, they have been in business since 1990 and are a family owned local wedding vendor. They also have their own intimate event space perfect for a small wedding or rehearsal dinner.

Things You Get With Chez Joly As Your Wedding Caterer

  • wait staff
  • china rentals
  • silverware
  • flowers
  • entertainment
  • beverage service
  • bar service
  • fresh and local ingredients

A Sample Chez Joly Menu Items

  • Oregon Painted Hills Center Cut Filet Mignon served with wild Oregon chantrelles in a Madeira sauce
  • Trapold Farms Oregon Haricot Verte served with roasted challots
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu with a Chardonnay cream sauce
  • Baked Pork Loin stuffed with caramelized apple and cherry chutney
  • Portobello & Wild Mushroom Lasagna with spinach and truffled riccota cheese, balsamic reduction and pesto sauces
  • Pecan Crusted Rack of Lamb with Brown Sugar Barbeque Sauce, Chive Mashed Potatoes, and Roasted Shallot Green Beans

Photos To Make Your Mouth Water

Need to hear about more? Come speak to Chez Joly about how they can help you as a wedding caterer for your big day. They will be there in person at this year’s Art of Weddings bridal show at The Armory. Join all of the best Portland wedding vendors on January 3rd.

Looking for a Wedding Photo Booth? Check Out Portland Photobooth

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Looking for a Wedding Photo Booth? Check Out Portland Photobooth

It is no secret that photo booths have become a popular choice for not only weddings, but corporate events, parties and more. It is hard not to love the wedding photo booth idea for many reasons. Especially with a great local company like Portland Photobooth to handle all of  the hard work.

Reasons To Include a Wedding Photo Booth

  1. Instant wedding favors. Guests can take home the prints and have a great memory to tuck in a scrapbook or on a refrigerator to show off how amazing your wedding was.
  2. Instant thank you pics. See the couple below for an idea of what I mean. Using the photo booth to take pics you will use later for thank you cards is fun and creative.
  3. Kids will love it. If you are having kids at your reception this can be a great way to keep them excited about the wedding day events.
  4. It is fun for everyone! Really. It is. There is a reason it is so popular!

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Thanks to the Wedding Bee for the great examples.
An idea of what Portland Photobooth‘s photo results look like.

Portland Photobooth can help you hash out all of the logistic around your wedding photo booth needs. Give them a call or discuss it in person at the Art of Weddings bridal show at The Armory. The show hosts the swankiest bridal vendors in Portland. Get tickets online for a discounted rate!


Wedding Photographer: Jamie Bosworth

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Wedding Photographer: Jamie Bosworth

Finding a good wedding photographer that fits all of your needs can be a challenge for any bride. Issues like onsite cost, style, editing options, and printing options can make choosing a wedding photographer a pain. I support many Portland wedding photographers and strive to showcase each of their unique styles and offerings. Jamie Bosworth is full of personality and it shines through in how she photographs any kind of wedding.

In writing this, I hopped on her website and read a little about her philosophy as a photographer,

My sister asked when I knew that the camera was my thing… I told her it was the first time I looked through the viewfinder and realized that I got to keep what I saw… to shape it and share it.

Raised on photography, I spend my days, camera in hand, watching life eddy and pool around me like a wide, wild river. Wedding photography is a lot like that river… there is always a story to tell and my job is to tell it with wit and passion.

There were some other fun fact on another page that I had fun sifting through and you should too on her A Little More page!

Jamie Bosworth’s wedding photography rates range from $1790 to $4000 depending on how much coverage you would like. With the exception of the smallest package, all come with Jamie and an assistant wedding photographer. After years in weddings I can tell you how important that is if you have a larger or longer wedding. One person running around trying to capture the best moments can be extremely difficult at a large wedding event.  Of course, don’t take my word for Jamie Bosworth’s wedding photography skills. See for yourself!

Like what you see? Come talk over what you are looking for in a wedding photographer with Jamie Bosworth yourself at the Art of Weddings bridal show on January 3rd. Tickets are going fast, so get yours now!

Wedding Day Music: John Ross Music and Productions

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Wedding Day Music: John Ross Music and Productions

Ever wondered why you couldn’t get someone to provide all of the wedding day music? I am talking about the ceremony, cocktail hour, and then for the reception as well? Well the truth is this: There is someone who can do all of that for you – John Ross Music and Productions. It was an epiphany to me when I heard all of the services that John Ross provides for wedding day music and audio support.

Wedding Day Music Services By John Ross

An idea of all the things that come with hiring John Ross Music and Productions on your wedding day. This is according to their website:

– Great live music for your ceremony that fits your style.

– Accurate sound support so your vows and readings are heard.

– Entertaining background music during your cocktail hour or dinner.

– Attentive DJ service for dancing at your reception.

– An experienced MC who makes your guests feel comfortable and helps everything run smoothly.

Number two on this list is a biggie for me which is often overlooked. This happened at my brother’s wedding. Everyone was straining to hear the vows being exchanged. It was no fun for any of us! It seems that John Ross really has it all under control. As a natural organizer, I love to streamline anything and am always looking for a simpler way to do something. Hiring one person over 3-4 is surely a way to help yourself avoid a nasty organizational headache in the days leading up to the wedding.

Want to meet John Ross and see if his company could be a fit for your wedding day music? Well, the opportunity is right in front of you. Only a few weeks remain until the Art of Weddings bridal show happens on January 3rd at The Armory. Get tickets online beforehand because they will be more expensive at the door. John Ross Music and Productions as well as tons of other Portland wedding vendors are waiting to show off their skills, so come see the swankiest wedding offerings in Portland on January 3rd.

Best Portland Wedding Vendors: Atelier Pictures

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Best Portland Wedding Vendors: Atelier Pictures

Does your list of wedding vendors seem daunting and long? ever wish you could combine a few? You can. At least photographer and cinematographer. Atelier Pictures does both and both really well. They have been sent around the world with experience in Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Austin, Cabo San Lucas, Maui, Kauai, Nepal, Thailand, and the Caribbean. We are happy to have them at the Art of Weddings bridal show next month and include them on our lists of best Portland wedding vendors. Atelier Pictures is owned and operated by Jonathan Marrs and Josh Ferdaszewksi.

Interesting Bio Stuff about Jonathan Marrs by Jonathon

  • I received by B.A. in art from Azusa Pacific University and my M.F.A. from Vermont College of Fine Arts.  I mention these accomplishments merely because they show my intense drive to continually improve my creative practice.
  • I do not hesitate to let my music jump from Sigur Ros to Gnarls Barkley to Norah Jones to Mozart to Nick Cave to Avenged Sevenfold to Michael Jackson to Nickel Creek to Bad Religion to Arcade Fire.
  • I am white and nerdy, but I can do a standing backflip.
  • I am a photographer, but I don’t use Apple products.

Interesting Bio Stuff about Josh Ferdaszewksi by Josh

  • I have always loved the dichotomy between the technical and the creative in photography.  I am a gear-head and the type of person who reads owner’s manuals (for fun)!  I am also an artist who strives to create beauty in the world.  Photography brings these disparate parts of me together.  But enough philosophy.
  • I have been taking photos seriously since I was at Azusa Pacific University back in the early 2000’s.  I started shooting weddings professionally in 2009 after moving to Portland, Oregon with my wife Rachel.  I love the challenge of a wedding day, and the craft of editing (photos and videos) and look forward to working with more wonderful clients!

Wedding Photography by Atelier Pictures

You wouldn’t believe me unless you saw their work. So here you go!


Come meet Jonathon and Josh at the bridal show next month! It’s fast approaching so don’t miss you chance to meet some of the best Portland wedding vendors like Atelier Pictures and more! Tickets are available online.

Foodie Friday: Wedding Cakes By AK Cake Design

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Foodie Friday: Wedding Cakes By AK Cake Design

In my days as a wedding fashionista and blogger I have seen a lot of wedding cakes. A lot. Sometimes it seems like the same old stuff, roses, fresh flowers, and fondant.  When I popped onto the website for AK Cake Design I was floored! I thought to myself, “This girl is doing something unique, special, and unlike any other wedding cakes I have seen.” That makes her a perfect addition to this year’s Art of Weddings bridal show. It’s coming up very soon, less than a month away at The Armory in the Pearl District. Allison  Kelleher, owner  and baker of AK Cake Design will be there, ready and waiting to “wow” you in person.

Here are some of Allison’s own words about her business, “As a sculptor turned baker, I strive to create beautiful cakes that taste amazing. I really enjoy the entire process from consultation to decoration and love when it all comes together – the look, the scent, the taste – something lovely and delicious from pure, simple ingredients. Much more than a dessert, your cake is the centerpiece of your celebration. With a meticulous attention to detail, I aim to achieve a clean, modern design with a tasteful elegance. I relish working  hand-in-hand with my clients to ensure their cakes truly reflect them and their event. From beginning to end, I want your experience to be effortless, stress-free, and, yes, fun!  And  I hope to create the absolutely perfect cake – for you.” That is something every bride wants to hear.

Wedding Cakes by AK Cake Design

A great color combination and a flawless cake design.

Just stunning. Photo by Jessica Hill Photography.

Very elegant. Photo by Ryan O’Neal.

I love the bottom layer of this wedding cake! Photo by Soul Mates Photography.

Truly unique! Photo by Lara Ferroni.

What do you think of Allison’s wedding cakes? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook. Come meet Allison and other wedding vendors at this years’ Art of  Wedding bridal show on January 3rd, 2013.

Best Portland Wedding Vendors: Vintage Rental Dept.

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Best Portland Wedding Vendors: Vintage Rental Dept.

Yep, you know it…Vintage Rental Dept. was chosen to be part of this year’s Art of Weddings bridal show happening next month at The Armory. We love their offerings for brides and photographers. It is no secret that vintage weddings are big and gaining popularity with more and more vintage inspired wedding vendors popping up. Vintage Rental Dept. offers Portland brides options for sofas, table settings, tables, dressers, armoires, wedding arches and more!

Owned by Sherri and Tracy, these two women have got an eye for design and style. A piece from Sherri’s bio online states this, “Design has always been a very large part of my life and I have had the opportunity to design, decorate and consult for the “Parade of Homes”, Axiom Luxury Homes, private home owners and many custom home builders. My vision is to create a beautiful setting with old, new, unique and the offbeat quirky item or two. There are no steadfast rules to design and the best creations often come from whatever stirs your emotions.” Hmmm. I like that! As for Tracy, “I’ve been collecting my whole life. It all started with bugs & snakes (yeah I know) then it was dolls – that made my mom happy – now it’s furniture. I buy what catches my eye and get excited when I find that cool, unique piece.”  Well, I would have to agree, they have some great pieces.

Some Vintage Rental Dept. Offerings

Insert bride and groom!

Love these colors!

One of the latest additions to their rental offerings! A great piece.


Sherri and Tracy also offer small rentals like these assorted wood rounds or table settings, silverware, and candlesticks.

Starting to get inspired? We surely are. Find all the inspiration you need from our fabulous Portland wedding vendors at this years’ bridal show. Don’t miss it on January 3rd at The Armory.