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Artistic Ways to Propose With a Diamond Engagement Ring

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Artistic Ways to Propose With a Diamond Engagement Ring

creative ways to propose with an engagement ring

Being creative when it comes to thinking up the perfect marriage proposal idea is no easy feat. If you want to get things off to a great start, it’s likely that you have been working up a sweat thinking of the ‘perfect’ way to propose to that special person in your life.

First things first, if you have not yet purchased your diamond engagement ring, you probably would have discovered the sheer amount of choice there is.  With all of the diamond engagement rings in Sydney, it can seem overwhelming.

Even though a proposal is unique to your relationship, there is always room for more ideas to inspire your imagination. You want to be as creative as possible for this day your future wife or husband will remember for the rest of their lives.

This is where Delphi Diamonds come in. Their range of stunning diamond rings in their showroom or if you wanted to be adventurous, you have the option to design your own! If you want to view their range, click here. 

So, let’s assume you have the sparkly engagement ring all ready in its box. Here are some creative ways to propose

  • Say it with a puppy. Maybe she has been wanting a puppy for ages. There’s no better way to show you are committed to the relationship and to her needs than tying the engagement ring to the pups collar!
  • Has scrabble always been your thing? If it has, make it known and spell out your engagement! Watch her eyes light up as she reads ‘Will you marry me’. Best game of scrabble. Ever.
  • QR codes are definitely not a passing fad. If you wanted to add a bit of technology into your proposal, why not get her a QR code necklace which when scanned, uncovers the special question. You can purchase them online!
  • You can always go down the route of your favourite TV show. There are lots of beautiful trinkets, box holders and more in the theme of your favourite show. Whether it’s Doctor Who or Harry Potter, say it with something that she loves.
  • If you are marrying a musician, they may appreciate a guitar pick with the special question carved in it. Even though that idea is mainly for guitarists, you can do other things depending on what their favourite instrument is.
  • Treasure hunt! Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt every once in a while. Especially if the prize is a beautiful diamond engagement ring! So set up some meaningful locations to set the hunt and ask your girlfriend with a couple of her friends. Chuck in some random apportionments such as a beauty salon session then a store where she can pick out a new dress.  Along the way at each destination, there should be clues or cards explaining why this location is special and clues to lead on to the next place. On the final one, you will be there to greet her and ready to propose.

This should get you started on the creative track to figuring out the best way to propose. We wish you all the best when popping the question!

creative ways to propose with an engagement ring

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How to Propose to The Woman of your Dreams Up in the Sky

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How to Propose to The Woman of your Dreams Up in the Sky

propose in the sky helicopter tours

A proposal is the act of a man asking for a woman’s hand in marriage. Aside from spending countless hours looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring, a man also has to find the right timing and set up. It’s the story your wife-to-be will share one day so better to make it memorable.

Some may prefer to do it the low-key way like during a fancy candle light dinner or at home while watching a TV series but if you’re into the extremely romantic type, then proposing to your special lady up in the sky might just be for you.

Think about it. Just when she thinks you’re both on a city tour in a helicopter and she’s looking at the window, she looks back at you only to find a ring box and a look on your face that says you’re waiting for a yes. It’s exhilarating, it’s private, and best of all, it’s romantic.

So how do you pull off this kind of stunt on your future fiancé? Listed below are the steps.

  1. Make sure she isn’t afraid of heights

You’re going to be high above in the air so you should make sure that your lady isn’t afraid of heights in the first place or otherwise your romantic helicopter ride might turn into a puke party.

  1. Propose in the middle or before the last part of the tour

Take this opportunity to enjoy the amazing views around you. Take in all the sights and sensations of being high up in the air. And before the last part of the tour, pull out the ring box and propose to her. This is a great way to end the helicopter ride because it comes at a time when she least expects it.

  1. Write down your proposal

Some Sydney helitours will let you choose areas of the city that you can tour. If you can find one that does, find a wide flat spot that you’ll pass by during the tour and prepare to have the words that read “Will you marry me?” written in giant letters. Have her look out the window between seeing other sights. She’ll be stunned to read those words and look back at you with an answer you can only dream of hearing from the love of your life.

  1. Have champagne ready

It may sound too much but having something fancy to drink like a glass of champagne up in the sky is a one-of-a-kind experience that you can’t pass up on. While on your way to the post-proposal celebration, you can do a mini-celebration in the helicopter with champagne. Most charter helicopter companies will have packages to include such extras.

  1. Have an after-proposal celebration

After she said yes to your proposal and the helicopter ride in Sydney is over, you can celebrate your new status as an engaged couple by having lunch at a country house or booking dinner and a room for the night. This also gives the both of you enough time to process the awesome proposal that you just executed at the helicopter.

  1. Record it

If you want to capture your helicopter proposal so you have something to look back later on, you can record using a detachable camera like a GoPro or a 360 camera. She won’t have a clue that it’s for capturing the proposal since she’ll think it’s you recording just another one of the “adventures”.

Follow those steps and have yourself a proposal story that you’ll remember for the years to come. What other suggestions do you have for proposing on a helicopter ride? Let us know in the comments.

propose in the sky helicopter tours

Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s almost here. The holiday of love! If you are single you dread Valentine’s Day, if you are with someone you have expectations. When it comes to Valentine’s Day think more about the experience. Give a gift that lets you spend time together. What’s the best type of time? Time that between you and your loved one without distractions, without cell phones and iPads! That’s why lingerie has always been a great gift idea. It let’s your girlfriend or fiancé know you want to spend some quality time together, wink wink!

Sometimes going into a store can be embarrassing if you are shopping for someone besides yourself. Maybe even shopping for yourself is not something you want to do in the store, just in case you run into your boss or co-worker. Find lingerie and much, much more on Lovehoney.  One of the reasons we like Lovehoney is because they offer sizes for all women; for real women. Another bonus is you can find just about anything to meet your unique tastes.  From babydoll and chemises to french maid costumes and crotchless pantyhose, you will find something to light the fire between the two of you! Head over today to get your Valentine’s gift in time for this weekend!

Here are few samples of what you can find on their website, hurry, much of the items are on sale just in time for the holiday! Be kind, be loving toward one another. Click on the image below to go to the Lovehoney website.


lovehoney lingerie for valentines day Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.21.53 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.19.55 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.21.19 PM


Are You Ready To Get Married?

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Are You Ready To Get Married?

This may seem like and odd question to ask on a wedding blog. Getting married is filled with joy, happiness and memories. As someone who has been a part of over one hundred couples weddings I have seen tears of joy, smiles from ear to ear and parties going late into the night. What I am also starting to see is more and more couples getting divorced. I can attest to this, since I was married young (for me) at age 25 and then got divorced about seven years later. I am now re-married with a beautiful child and husband whom I love dearly. I wish I could sit here and write that I have a story book relationship but I don’t. No one does. I have a real relationship with real problems, real highs and lows.

During the engagement everyone wants to be involved in “helping” you plan your event. After the party is over the highs wear off and it’s back to normal, everyday life. For some couples they go thru a depression at this time. Something that isn’t talked about. I wouldn’t feel right if all I did is talk about fashion, beauty and wedding planning. I feel it’s so important to talk about how to keep your marriage and relationship. This isn’t something you are walking into thinking, “He will be my partner for about five years.” NO WAY! You are committing to spend the rest of your life with this person, as you should!

I know I will loose some followers as I continue to write this and I’m ok with that. It’s more important that I reach just a few than many with this post. I recently ran across a newsletter I received in the mail that talks about marriage. In it they mention a book called, “Ready to Wed”. With a divorce rate currently between 40-50% it’s time we start talking more about how to keep couples together. As a Christian, I now know that God wants us to married. He wants us to be in a happy relationship and he wants us to have a family. But if we haven’t done it before how would we know how to do that in a healthy way?

I highly recommend that if you are currently engaged or know someone who is that you get them this book. It’s time we do the work before the wedding to learn how to be married. Many of us have an “idea” in our head of how marriage should be and it is completely wrong! Thank you for taking the time to stay and read this posting. Let’s work together to save marriage and families! Cheers – Alexis

Head over to their website and spend the best $12 you ever have!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.51.25 AM



Pure Romance Parties

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Pure Romance Parties

Your wedding date is getting closer and closer. As the maid of honor why not host a Pure Romance Party for the bride to be? These fun and tasteful bachelorette parties are a great way to start the evening off before heading out on the town. Have all the girls over at your home, break out the bubbly and some savory appetizers and let the consultant show you all the products available!

So what can you expect from hosting a party? Pure Romance breaks it down as follows:

“A trained consultant will come to your house and provide a night of unforgettable fun for you and your girlfriends. From innovative ways to spice up your relationship to sexual health information you wished you had learned a long time ago, a Pure Romance party is anything but typical. Unlike shopping in a store or online, your guests will learn how each product works and how it can enhance your most intimate moments. The part? Ordering is confidential so your guests can ask questions and shop in private.”

They have a wide variety of products from beauty to massage oils to toys and games to keep the fire burning. Come meet them in person and book your next party at The Art of Weddings Bridal Show on March 26th, 2014.

bodybling lippumper skintherapy datenightcards

Giving a gift to your groom or bride the day of your wedding

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Giving a gift to your groom or bride the day of your wedding

Some couples give each other a meaning gift while they are each getting ready. I think think is a kind gesture. You are both nervous, away from each other while you are transforming into a beautiful bride or handsome husband. You are surrounded by your best gals or guys and trying to remember to take a deep breath every once in awhile. It’s nice to break up that nervousness with having something special delivered to your room. Over the years as a photographer I have seen an original painting created by the bride’s favorite artist hung in her room to surprise her to a hand gun hidden under the bride’s dress to surprise her groom after the wedding. Whatever it is, make it meaniningful. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars but instead take time to put thought in to it. Here are some ideas that may get your creative juices flowing.

Your man loves hanging with his boys, sipping a fine glass of bourbon and smoking a good cigar. Give him a brown leather case to hold the cigars and to celebrate the big day with his crew. Personalize it with his initials on the lighter. We found this one at Red


Give her something she will wear everyday, a personalized love letter that will never get lost. Choose silver or gold and then a short note of why she means the world to you, or tell her just that…”you mean the world to me.”  This vintage necklace was also found at Red Envelope, a great site for personalized gifts.


Surprise him with his own stainless steal pocket watch. Keep him on time and stylish with this skeleton pocket watch with 14 karat gold accents. Add a special engraved note to your man on the outside so he know’s you are counting the minutes until you get to see him again:) Find it and others at Things

Your lovely bride loves all things that sparkle from champagne to jewelry. Surprise her with a silver fortune cookie that opens to reveal a love message from you or a fortune about your new lift together. Add a pair of stud earrings to the box of fortune and she will be smiling from ear to ear. Let us know what special gifts you gave to your fiance on your wedding day!



Advice for a Happy Marriage

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Advice for a Happy Marriage

With all the planning for your wedding day it’s important to not forget how to maintain the excitement and joy after the party is over. Many couples have experienced depression after the big party is all said and done. All the build up, the anticipation to one of the biggest days of your lives is an amazing thing but what about when it’s all said and done? Once the loud music stops, the cake is all eaten and the presents are opened than it’s back to the real world of just you and your husband. Now it’s time put the energy back into the two of you. Take these three pieces of advice, view them monthly, weekly or daily, and you’ll be on the right track for a long and meaningful marriage. Then visit this website to get more marriage advice. Spread this post with your friends or family who are already married. A refresher is never a bad idea:)

1. Share quality time with each other. 

  • Never stop being friends and supporting each other’s goals.
  • Connect with quality conversations – even if the time has to be scheduled. Whether it’s for 15min or a hour, take time.
  • Always take time to laugh and play together inside and outside the home.
  • Continue to date.

2. Become skilled at healthy communication.

  • Speak to each other lovingly and respectfully; Do not criticize, belittle, ridicule or reject your partner.
  • Have patience with each other, it’s hard at times but worth it!
  • Be gentle and kind to one another.
  • Listen. Sometimes talking is not needed and when you are quiet you can really hear the other person.
  • Talk about what is on your mind, keeping it inside only brings more pain.
  • Be willing to validate what your partner is expressing, even if you do not agree with it.

3. Choose your battles

  • Be quick to forgive and slow to anger.
  • The worst possible advice you can give a newlywed couple is to express your feelings about everything. Far better advice is to choose your battles, so when you make a request of your spouse, and your spouse doesn’t comply, step back for a moment and ask how important is this? Is this one of those issues I go to war over, or do I focus instead on what my spouse does for me, and let this one slide by? Be creative about differences and find a compromise. If you talk to people in long-term, happy marriages, they’ll tell you acceptance is one of the key components to making it last. – Michelle Weiner Davis, author of bestsellerDivorce Busting.

Less Stress on Your Wedding Day

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Less Stress on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are a magical time in one’s life. It’s an amazing thing when two people commit to spending the rest of their lives together and want to share that love and joy with their family and friends. It should be a time of celebration and not worrying. As history and many weddings have shown us is that it can become stressful quickly. The stress can come in many forms so we’ll go over a few of the top ones and ways to help rid your day of them.

1. Your mother thinks it’s her wedding day.

Well, we have seen this time and time again. Everything is going good after the engagement and then when planning starts the mother of the bride and sometimes the groom’s as well will start to plan the day for you. Be prepare that this will happen so you can stop it before you get in too deep! The best way to handle this stressful situation is for you and your fiance to talk over the plans you two want before mentioning it to others.

Sit down, drink some wine and make a list of must-have’s and wishes. Then get as many of these booked or completed so when you talk to family members about your day it’s already locked in. By not having a plan then you leave yourself open to hear this statement,”I’d love to help you pick out your wedding day flowers,  lilies (insert the flower you dislike most here) will look perfect for you.”  This is a delicate situation so handle it with care and love. Be patient with your parents and if all else fails give them a task to be in charge of so they don’t feel left out.

2. The guest list keeps growing and growing and growing. 

Congrats, you are engaged and trilled to tell the world! Stop! Put on the brakes before you do. Once you open those flood gates everyone you tell will think they are invited before they get the invite. I know it seems odd but if you tell all of your office staff you then may have to invite ALL of them. Do you have the budget for an additional 30 guests and how close are you to these people?!

Yes, some folks will get worked up over not getting the golden ticket to your nuptials but don’t let them break you. Stick to your plan and budget for your reception. Be firm and polite if someone expects to be invited. Let them know as soon as possible that you have a strict budget and limited seating at the event. If they are a good friend they will understand. Weddings are expensive and just because you can’t invite the world doesn’t make you two bad people.


3. The flowers didn’t turn out how I wanted! (or insert any other details you purchased)

This is going to happen. Something you ordered is not going to look EXACTLY the way you thought it was going to. Why? You are working with creative people and as human’s we all see things differently. You may see a purple flower and another person could see it as a deep blue. That doesn’t mean that one person is wrong and other is right. So don’t get mad or stressed when the flowers you ordered aren’t the exact shade of pink you requested. Professional vendors do they best they can (yes some are shady but we aren’t getting into that here) and maybe just maybe the flowers you wanted looked horrible at market so they chose the next best thing.

The point being here is to be flexible. So what if your hair moves a bit and curl falls out. Is that what your wedding is about? No, it’s about the love and unity that you and your husband have for each other. Don’t loose sight of that.

This site is called the ART of weddings for a reason. A wedding is a creative event and many creative people come together to execute it. With art there is interpretation and even though you broke it down in detail the vendor may see it differently . That’s ok. It’s doesn’t make them bad at what they do it makes them adaptable and creative. Let the pro’s do their thing, they are good at it and trust me, they have been to A LOT of weddings over their career.