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How To Design The Wedding Cake Of Your Dreams

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How To Design The Wedding Cake Of Your Dreams

Planning a wedding can be bittersweet. There will always be elements that you love and some that you find more frustrating than anything else. You might not care an awful lot of some of the details, but we will all probably agree that the cake is one of the most fun parts to plan.

Not only to you get to design this incredibly beautiful feature that holds a special place in ceremonial wedding traditions, but you also get to eat it too. As your wedding planning comes together, you’re going to want to make sure that cake it up to scratch. If you’re unsure of where to, these easy to follow steps should help.

Pick Your Bakery

One of the first things that you’re going to want to do is pick out the bakery or caterer that you’re going to use. It’s likely that you have a design in mind. When that’s the case, you need to be able to find a designer that will be able to recreate it. But, it’s also important to consider your options when it comes to budget (you can often find pricing online using sites like

Stick To Your Theme

Now that you have your baker picked out, you’re going to want to work on a design that fits with your theme. You might find that some bakers provide you with a bunch of incredible designs, none of which work with the style of your wedding. So, at this point, you need to work with what ideas you have. Different cake trends could tempt you, but you have to make sure that the cake sits naturally at your wedding.

image copyright

Choose A Filling You Love

Sometimes, a wedding cake is a show pony. It looks great, but it might not have a lot of substance. If you’re a sweet tooth, this could be your worst nightmare. So, what you’re going to need to do is work on your filling options as early as possible. This is where the cake tasting will come in. Not only will it be a lot of fun, but you’ll be able to pick a cake style that tastes incredible too.

Go To Town On The Decor

When your choice of cake is chosen, you can then go to town on the design. The bakery you work with should be able to guide you on what will work. You’ll find that some cake fillings and sponges won’t work as well with certain frostings, but they’ll talk you through the options. Whether you want a showstopper or something classy and understated, make sure you get the decor right – you only get one wedding, so make your cake count.

photo copyright

Don’t Forget Practicality

As you plan, you can often find that you get wrapped up in the finer details. But, that can sometimes be dangerous. Although it needs to taste good and look incredible, it’s also important to make sure your wedding cake is practical. It doesn’t have to be huge to be impressive either; smaller cakes (like these can really wow. As you design, make sure you think about how it can be transported and whether or not it will melt!


Real Wedding – Julia and Michael

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Real Wedding – Julia and Michael

Hello 2017! We hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and we wish all of you an even better 2017. The year of the Chicken or Rooster is upon us. Still a few more weeks until that changes over and I bet many of you are ready for a fresh start, new energy and opportunities. I know I am. 2016 was a rough one on many levels for myself and my family but within the dark times there is always light.

I’m excited to start the first post of 2017 off with a real wedding! This wedding is stunning and makes us want to book a flight to Australia right now. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of Julia and Michael’s wedding day. Cheers!

The Details…
How did you and your partner meet?
Michael and I met through mutual friends and had an instant connection, when we were 18 and 20. My family had just moved overseas after I’d finished high school, and I had just commenced at university. Feeling homesick for my mother’s wonderful Vietnamese cooking, I asked friends to join me at a local Vietnamese restaurant, and one of them brought her new friend, Michael. I was struck at first sight, and we were pretty much inseparable, in heart if not physically ever since. We spent 10 years courting, finishing our relative studies, and travelling, studying and working overseas, before moving in together and starting our lives together in Canberra nearby family and adopting our furbabies, Snowy the Japanese Spitz and Tintin the rescue kitten.

How did he propose?
Michael proposed on April 1st 2015, which was a significant date; he proposed with his grandmother’s beautiful solitaire diamond engagement ring, which she had worn for the duration of her long marriage to Michael’s grandfather. April 1st was the date that Michael’s grandfather had proposed to his grandmother, and so Michael wanted to follow this tradition especially using that ring. He did add his own flair, however, having starting the day with various April fool’s jokes designed to trick (and simultaneously terrify) me. After a full morning of tricks and jokes (some involving fake spiders), he went to the cupboard to make me breakfast, and when he turned around from the cupboard, he got down on one knee, with the ring box and proposed to me. After I said yes (having checked it wasn’t a joke first), he then recreated our first date for the rest of the day, including a meal at the restaurant where we first met

How did you choose your wedding gown?
I didn’t have specific inspiration for my gown, I just wanted to choose a gown that made me feel myself, and this was perfect. I loved my gown which was a fit and flare, strapless luxurious satin gown designed by Cristiano Lucci. Featured an intricate beaded belt and dramatic beaded skirt and train. I loved how this gown made me feel and how it fitted on the day! It matched the glamorous theme I was hoping for! My accessories were as follows:

My veil- a custom length 4 meter veil by Wedding Veils Australia, exclusively stocked through  two-tier veil, made in ivory glimmer tulle, customized cathedral length, and beaded edges made up of Swarovski clear crystals along the edges, with top tier having teardrop crystals spaced along the edge.

My shoes- Badgley Mishka “Gene” shoes, satin Mary Jane peep toe shoes which had embellishments on the heel that matched my gown!

My something blue was offered by my delicate lace garter, which my maid of honour and best friend had bought for me when we were travelling together in Venice in 2012, long before the engagement!

What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day?
I wanted an old fashioned gold glamour with romantic touches, with main colours of gold, and accents of creams, soft pinks and maroons. I once saw a wedding photoshoot set in a forest, with strong bold berry colours but accented with metallics. I was inspired by the bold colours and how beautiful they were alongside the metallics and so we developed the mix of creams, pinks and maroons to contrast leafy greens in the flowers, with a strong a gold base. I fell in love the champagne gold sequin fabrics and sought out the elegant bridesmaids gowns to bring the dream to life! I was also able to source matching gold sequin fabric overseas, and created all the table coverings to match.

Any DIY décor elements?
Almost everything was DIY! We did the tablecloths, mirrored seating chart, table numbers, centerpieces, most stationery and bonbonniere amongst other things!

If you could do it all over again, what would you change?
I would take more photos with my family, as we somehow missed the opportunity because it was so busy!

Any tips that you can give to future brides?

Tips on how to enjoy the engagement:

Really remind yourself that the wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other, forever. We took on board a lot of family support and ideas, which can be stressful. For us we wanted to make sure our families were happy, and took that stress on willingly, as our families have done so much for us. At the end though, we just had to remember that the day would mean we’d be married, and all the stresses sort of become insignificant! And have a party, why not!

On Planning:

I adored wedding planning, at every stage. I would recommend that brides use so many of the resources online and in bridal magazines that helped me along. Our relatively short engagement period meant we had to be decisive in decision-making and I loved what we came up with. I felt that the day was a perfect representation of what we both wanted, which is so important, and in the end the day will be what it is! Money can be stressful too, but just make sure to use DIY options available!

 And on the Wedding Day:

BREATHE! I nearly forgot to do this so many times. But you’ll have surrounded yourselves with vendors and people you trust. So take a back seat to the operational aspect of the day, and focus on the actual event- marrying your fiancé!

Thank you for your submission. You too can submit your real wedding for a chance to be featured on our blog. For info on how to do so CLICK HERE. Here are all the fab vendors that made their day so special.

Who Made it Happen?
Couples Names:  Michael Wentworth-Perry and Julia Price
Wedding Date:
26th February 2016
Cristiano Lucci
Shopgirl Beauty
Leslie Henshaw
Stationery: Giant Invitations
Badgley Mishka
LOVEON Jewellery
Bridesmaids Dresses: Jadore
Grooms Suit:
Overseas tailor
Keepsake Photography
Traditional cake- Cake of Your Dreams
Croquembouche: Croissandor
ANU House
Silk Flora
Ceremony Venue:
St Christopher’s Cathedral, Canberra
Reception Venue:
ANU House
Videographer: Say Hello to Forever
DJ: Mr Michael Music
Live music: Jay Boats
Transport: Select Limousines

Hot Trends In Making And Decorating Cakes In 2016

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Hot Trends In Making And Decorating Cakes In 2016

Top 10 Cake Designs For 2016

With the end of the year fast approaching, we are excited to share the cake making and decorating trends that rocked in 2016. From Watercolor and Nature’s Beauty to Classic Copper and 2D Fondant Shapes, I’m sure you are going to be crazy with these new techniques and ideas if this is your goal for the New Year. Read on to learn more.

1. 3D and 2D Fondant Characters

3D and 2D Fondant Characters are nothing new for biscuits but in 2016 they made their way into kid’s birthday cakes in a big way. The reason for this is that children love themed birthday cakes and they appreciate when they see their loved characters on the cakes. If you want to try something new for your kids this coming year, this trend is worth your time and money.

Hot Trends In Making And Decorating Cakes In 2016

It is easy, achievable and gives wonderful look. We can’t say which is easier between 3D and 2D because both of these designs have their own challenges. Your preferred design will ultimately depend on what you what you want to achieve.

2. Nature’s Beauty

People have been showcasing the natural garden gorgeousness on cakes for long that the trend has become the norm. However, in 2016, there was a new way of showcasing this nature’s beauty. People made cakes and decorated them with lush arrangements of fresh flowers, lemon leaves, and herbs. This trend leaves a pleasant scent in an unexpected way, along with natural greenery.

It is easy, achievable and gives wonderful look. We can’t say which is easier between 3D and 2D because both of these designs have their own challenges. Your preferred design will ultimately depend on what you what you want to achieve.  2. Nature’s Beauty People have been showcasing the natural garden gorgeousness on cakes for long that the trend has become the norm. However, in 2016, there was a new way of showcasing this nature’s beauty. People made cakes and decorated them with lush arrangements of fresh flowers, lemon leaves, and herbs. This trend leaves a pleasant scent in an unexpected way, along with natural greenery. 

The theme is very easy to achieve. After making your favorite cake and dressing it with your favorite frosting, the next step is to dress it with these beautiful nature-inspired garnishes. If you are wondering on how to make store bought frosting better for these types of cakes, there are several ways you can use to improve it.

3. Metallics

Metallics is also another trend that gained popularity this year, especially for wedding cakes. For main years now, this trend has gained ground in interior design and fashion and it not a surprise that it is being appreciated on cakes. We are not talking about an ordinary silver or golden vintage style, but a more old-Hollywood, art-deco stylized look.

2016 wedding cake trends

The best part about metallic cakes is that they are able to adapt to any style. You can consider. For inspiration, there are several images of stunning metallic cakes with copper, gold, and shades of silver that we are sure will make you go gaga in 2017.

4. Watercolour

It is true many people are obsessed with watercolor painting. Due to this reason, in 2016, bakers tested the vibrant-colored waters on cakes and the result was awesome. These watercolors painted fondant creations transformed not only cakes but also cookies and cupcakes.

cake trends 2016

If you don’t want to be left behind as far as this trend is concerned, there are several ideas on Pinterest which can help you create your own watercolor flower cakes. Basically, you will need a little alcohol such as vodka, fondant, and food color gels.

5. The Return of chocolate

The next big trend this year was the return of chocolate cakes. Another new chocolate style of decorating cakes emerged and was far more sophisticated than the previous styles. People said goodbye to chocolate curls and piped chocolate shapes and started to embrace the amazing piped chocolate ombre cakes.

2016 wedding cakes

If you want to get in on this trend this coming holiday, a collection of orange, peppermint, brandy, rum and coffee extracts will give you some creativity with your chocolate icing flavors too.

6. Classic Copper

Copper also experienced an explosive comeback in 2016, this time round taking over the kitchen and positively affecting the way cakes are made and decorated. People started making beautiful and elegant personalized and custom cakes from using copper Color Mist and Pearl Dust.

2016 wedding cakes

If a wedding or birthday party is your next goal for the New Year, this stylish, inviting and down classic copper cakes can dress up or down any occasion. You can find great ideas, recipes and all the supplies you will need online including the best Cookware and Bakeware such as pots and pans.

7. Buttercream Flowers

Buttercream Flowers is also another popular trend this year. This trend is basically buttercream that has been reinvented or one that has been given a whirl once again. It features intricate buttercream flowers especially on the top of the wedding cakes.

wedding cake trends 2016

If you want to get in on this trend, there are several step-by-step buttercream flowers tutorial on the internet to help you learn how to create your own. By using food color gels, buttercream icing, carnations, pansies, authentic roses, a variety of piping tips and just a little practice, you will find this trend easy and achievable.

8. Font & Letter 

Unique fonts and fun lettering help people to express their special message. In 2016, this practice spilled over into kitchen particularly in making and decorating cakes. This trend saw many people make big statements by writing fun and unique message on birthday cakes and wedding cakes.

2016 wedding cake trends

Just say goodbye to the phone messages and get creative on birthday wishes or wedding celebrations through fun lettering and unique fonts. After all that work of baking, frosting, stacking or filling, there are few tips and tricks to help you start the art of writing on the cake.

9. Monogrammed designs

This year, there was an increasing desire to come up with unique cakes for various events. Monogrammed designs became one of the options that many people choose for personalization. This trend comes with it many endless possibilities. From size to font combination, you can achieve something traditional or modern.

wedding cake trends

Just keep in mind that this is a versatile style for making and decorating cakes with which your event will stand out from the rest. As many continue to explore this trend, we are sure it is going to be one of the biggest hits of 2017.

10. The Statement Ring

The Statement Ring sums up this list of hot trends in making and decorating cakes in 2016. In fact, in 2015, this trend was all about the statement flower which featured one big single bloom and gum paste that acted as the focal point of a cake.

wedding cake trends

The statement ring keeps up with the jewelry theme but it is a bit different. Cake tops are circled with amazing wreaths of icing flowers. This amazing arrangement gives the cake a sophisticated update.

wedding cake trendsJennifer is a certified cook enthusiast and a legit photographer from Ohio, USA. She is a food lover and thus makes blogs about it at Imaddictedtocooking, which include her own photos for the demonstration of how the recipes are made.  Contact her at @jenniferimaddi1

Real Wedding: Jessica and Chintan’s Sparkling Civil Ceremony, Portland, Oregon

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Real Wedding: Jessica and Chintan’s Sparkling Civil Ceremony, Portland, Oregon

You know we swoon when we get to share a real wedding with you. This one is so sweet, beautiful and one of a kind. Who ever said you need a fancy location to feel opulent is just plain wrong. A court house wedding can be stunning and filled with your special touches, just as Jessica and Chintan show us below. Take a moment to view and read about their love story, enjoy!

Dress: Custom couture from Embellish Designs
Melanie Lindsey of Picasso Artistic Salon
Melanie Lindsey of Picasso Artistic Salon
Christian Louboutin for the ceremony, gold sequin Converse for the reception
Custom 24k necklace/earring set from Mumbai, the gold bracelet was my “something borrowed and something old” and was lent from my best friend Erin Smith (it was her mother’s, and her mother wore it at her own wedding 40 years ago)
Bridesmaids Dresses:
Grooms Suit:
Custom made in Mumbai
Powers Photography Studio
Adorn Invitations
Dream Cakes
Display from Voodoo Doughnuts and two food trucks for catering on site (PBJs Grilled and Koi Fusion)
Brooch Bouquet custom made from Secret Garden Bouquets
Ceremony Venue: 
Multnomah County Courthouse (Portland, Ore. USA)
Reception Venue:
Our custom built home (we moved in four days prior to the wedding)

real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business

Their Story

We met seven years ago at a nightclub in Portland which no longer exists. Fittingly enough, by chance we had our photo taken the night we met. During the pedicab tour after our American wedding, we re-created the same pose and photo from seven years prior.

real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business

How He Proposed

A few weeks after returning from India where I met his family, it was nearly Valentine’s Day. He had his brother send the ingredients for my favorite Indian food, street-style pizza. In India, you often have to offer bribes to get what you want. He said the pizza ingredients was my “bribe” if I’d let him be my husband. (Technically, I was proposed to with Amul cheese—although there was a ring, too).

real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business

Her Wedding Gown

I initially wanted something short and simple. However, in my husband’s community, all-white is reserved for widows. The choice to have a couture gown custom made was a process of elimination. There were no dresses I liked, particularly with accent colors. I’m a big fan of Zuhair Murad’s designs, but nothing was available that was “just right.” Going with a custom gown was the only way to get what I wanted, although “what I wanted” drastically changed in the year-long process.

real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business

Style for their wedding day

For our American wedding, just a few weeks following the large Indian wedding, we wanted something small and simple with just friends. Since neither of us are Christian, the idea of a church wedding was already out. There’s always been something sweet and romantic about the notion of getting married at the courthouse. The day was informal, fun, and simple, which is just what we needed after spending a month in India.

real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business

The Decor

I am not a DIYer, but many of the details were from Etsy designers and shops. I also surprised my husband by having a brick placed in downtown Portland’s Pioneer Square. You can purchase a permanent brick in what’s dubbed Portland’s livingroom. It read “J+C 4.1.16.”

real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business real wedding submissions art of weddings wedding blog best wedding blog advertise your wedding business
Any advice for fellow brides to be?

Prioritize making time to spend with just your husband on your wedding day! After all, that’s what it’s really about.

Your favorite moment of the day…

For an hour in between the ceremony and reception, we took a pedicab tour around downtown Portland. It was time where we could just spend it together before hosting the party at home. We also got married again (our third time after India and the courthouse!) at Voodoo Doughnuts where legal ceremonies are performed with blessings from the “Voodoo gods.”

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Five Ways to Display Your Custom Cake Topper After the Wedding

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Five Ways to Display Your Custom Cake Topper After the Wedding

wedding cake toppers what do to with your wedding cake topper after the wedding day the art of weddings blog best wedding blog

Many brides wonder what to do with their wedding décor once the big day has passed. There are decorations, extra favors, cake serving set, champagne glasses, and most importantly, a wedding cake topper. A lot of time and thought goes into selecting the perfect décor for your wedding, so why toss it out after the day is through?

Here are five ways to cherish your custom cake topper for years to come.

Home Décor

An easy solution is to display your custom cake topper in your home as a decoration. Use it on a bookshelf as a bookend, on an end table as a decor piece, on a shelf next to picture frames, or on the dresser as a daily reminder of your beautiful day. Make your home reflect the love you share as a couple!

Christmas Ornament

Another way is to incorporate your wedding cake topper into your holiday celebrations by using it as a Christmas ornament. Attach some ribbon or string to make your own personalized ornament to use as a focal point on your Christmas tree for years to come. This idea works especially well for more traditional wedding cake toppers and winter weddings.

wedding cake toppers best wedding blog plan your wedding cake toppers

Pass It On

Nothing is more special than incorporating something your parents used on your wedding day. Save your wedding cake topper to give to your child for their wedding day, as the future bride’s “something old”. Choosing a classic wedding cake topper will ensure it never goes out of style!

Flower Arrangement

Another way to decorate your home using your wedding cake topper is to add it to a flower arrangement. Display the arrangement on your dining room table, a bookshelf or an end table as a conversation piece. A monogram wedding cake topper is so versatile, your guests may not even know it was from your cake!

wedding cake toppers best wedding blog art of weddings advertising your business for brides

Drop It In A Fish Tank

A beach wedding cake topper, especially one with shells or sand, can make an easy addition to the bottom of a fish tank. Simply display it inside the tank and let your fish play around it.

Wedding cake toppers have many more uses than just décor for the top of your wedding cake. Find one that fits your style and treasure it for years to come! Contact Wedding Collectibles today for help finding your perfect wedding cake topper keepsake.

wedding cake topper best wedding blog plan your wedding day getting married


Real Wedding: Rochelle + Nathan

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Real Wedding: Rochelle + Nathan

We always get excited when a real wedding comes into our inbox and this one doesn’t disappoint. In the style of a “Big Greek” Wedding this couple wows us from start to finish. Rochelle’s gown is stunning and you can see how happy they both are together. Enjoy the images below and thank you to Rochelle & Nathan for the submission.

Dress: Jason Grech
Shoes: Ninewest
Bridesmaids Dresses: Swish
Accessories: Just Me Jewellery
Photograph: Eye to Eye Photography
Wedding Movie: C2 Films
Stationery: Adorn Wedding Invitations
Ceremony Venue: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia
Reception Venue: Crown Towers
Makeup: Martina
Hair: Hue’s Hair
Flowers: Kitsa’s Flowers
Cake: Abfab Cakes

How did we meet?
Nathan and I have actually known each other since our early twenties, however didn’t really get together until a few years later. We both worked for the same company out of uni and we’d always chat (even though I remember him being so nervous around me) however at the time I was in a long-term relationship with a guy from high school, who I was certain that I’d marry. When that didn’t pan out and we broke up, Nathan and I spent more time together and started getting a lot closer.
real wedding bride wedding gown 209 210
It’s still crazy to think that Nathan has been in my life for so long and I could have easily missed out on something so special. I was so devastated when I broke up with my previous partner as we’d been together since we were 15 years old, but there really is a silver lining to every cloud! I couldn’t imagine my life without Nathan now.

real weddings, bride, gown, flowers, roses 264
How did he propose?
Being the hopeless romantic that he is, I don’t think Nathan could help himself with going all out on the proposal.

Nathan said that he had a work conference at Melbourne’s Crown Towers (If you know Crown Towers, you’d know that it’s the most glamourous building in the city!) So he recommended that we book a hotel room and go stay over for the night. I remember we were sitting in the hotel room about to get ready for dinner when he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. As it turns out, there was of course no conference and we woke up the next day to a gorgeous brunch on the waters of Southbank and later just dawdled around the city in pure bliss.

real wedding, ceremony, bride and groom, greek wedding 277 298 312 370 copy
How did you choose your wedding dress?
Every bridal gown I’ve ever seen at a wedding that had made my jaw drop was a Jason Grech design, so I knew that as soon it was my turn, I’d know exactly which designer to turn to! All of his pieces are so elegant and classic, and when I saw my gown – I knew it was the one. I couldn’t believe how well it fit me even before alterations, and because it was silk, it was so comfortable to wear all day. It also had gorgeous embellished detailing down the sides which matched with a stunning Capulet that could be removed. So comfortable and functional!

bride and groom, real wedding,  feature your wedding, ceremony, rice, wedding photography 425 439 446
What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day?
Nathan comes from a traditional Greek family, so it was a given that we incorporate his family’s traditions into the ceremony. However, I still wanted to inject some modernity and a bit more glamour into the event. This is largely why we chose Crown as our venue space (amidst the fact that our proposal took place there.) The views from our reception venue were absolutely stunning and we loved the fact that it overlooked the skyline of the city. When choosing my bridesmaids dresses, my own dress and the ceremony décor – I wanted to go for a timeless glamour feel to contrast against the modernity of our reception décor and to still tie in with the traditional Greek elements of the day.

real wedding submission, submit your wedding, flowers, greek wedding, bride and groom, wedding party 462 472 554 519

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Luckily, we both managed to take quite a bit of time off for our honeymoon and we fit in two trips! We headed to Bali for ten days to relax, came back for a week (possibly the hardest working week I’ve ever done) and then we jetted off to Europe. We met up with Nathan’s family in Greece and met up with a couple of my sisters as well. Afterwards we also travelled through Spain, Italy and Croatia. 

real wedding submission, weddings, cake, reception, bride and groom, submit your wedding to be featured 625 641 651

Thank you to Rochelle & Nathan for submitting their elegant and beautiful wedding day photos. What an amazing day the two of you had! I hope they inspired another couple planning their big day.

What to have your wedding day featured on our blog and social media? Just click here for the info we need to feature your wedding day. It’s as easy as that! Cheers – Alexis

Real Wedding: Joanarc & Brian

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Real Wedding: Joanarc & Brian

We are happy to share this lovely real wedding with you. Joanarc and Brian had a winter wedding and we love how elegantly they planned it. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

“For our wedding, which we planned for more than a year, we wanted to keep it simple and elegant since it is a celebration of our marriage witnessed by close friends and family. We limited the colors to black, white, and champagne, to create a modern feel but we filled the venue with flowers and lights to evoke a feeling of coziness – we wanted everything to be chill, for the guests to feel relaxed and for everyone, including us, to have fun.

We met in college. We’re both taking up Journalism at the University of Sto. Tomas. We were friends and hang out with the same group but we became close during our last year in college. We were both in problematic relationships and commiserated with each other. We stayed close until after graduation, getting coffee and drinking after work but it wasn’t until three years after graduation when we first kissed. We’ve been together ever since. 🙂 We had a year and a half to prepare so it was relatively easy. Also, I think we had an advantage because I work in PR so I handle a lot of events. My mom helped with the venue, I looked for our florist, wedding coordinator, the photographer, and the videographer. Brian looked for the band and handled the technical stuff.”

They were also kind enough to send us a video from their wedding day. Click here if you’d like to see it.
Wedding Details:
Venue: Midlands Clubhouse, Tagaytay Highlands, Philippines
Church: Madre de Dios Chapel, Tagaytay Highlands, Philippines
Date: February 27, 2016
Theme: Simple and Elegant
Motif: Black, White, Champagne

real wedding 1-98 2-17

real weddings TOTO3966 2-6 2-35 1-162 2-52 3-26 DSC04558 1-144 2-55

real weddings 1-178 1-209 1-228 4-1 IMG_5476a IMG_6425 IMG_6486 3H3A1982

A list of their vendors:

Photographer Toto Villaruel
Videographer Dreamechanics
Ceremony Venue Madre de Dios Chapel
Reception Venue Midlands Clubhouse
Bride’s Dress Vania Romoff
Bride’s Shoes Christian Louboutin
Bride’s Robe Mara Chua
Bridesmaid Dresses Mara Chua
Groom’s Attire Felipe & Sons
Hairstylist Jan Edrosolan
Makeup Artist Gery Penaso
Bouquets Serge Igonia
Flowers & Decor Serge Igonia
Event Stylist Serge Igonia
Cake Baker Sweet Solutions
Catering Tagaytay Highlands
Invitations & Stationery Katrina Tapang and Tefiny Tulod
Band The GoatCake
Ceremony Musicians Iris Gonzalez
Cece Nicolas- Mariano of Kiss The Girl Events
Lights and Sounds JS Mina
Female Entourage Favors Oliver and Maude
Male Entourage Favors Gouache Bags
Principal Sponsors Favors Oliver and Maude
Wedding Planner/Coordinator Kiss The Girl
Photo Booth Party Smarty PH
How You Can Make Your Wedding Personalised and Unique

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How You Can Make Your Wedding Personalised and Unique

You want your wedding to be one, if not the, best day of your life. So you will want it to be perfect and memorable. You may have imagined it a certain way and want certain things to happen. You might be a bit more relaxed in your ideas and are looking for a little bit of inspiration. It is a good idea to make your wedding personal and just about the two of you. It will make the day just that extra bit special for you to look back on. Knowing that you had the day exactly as you wanted will make such great memories. It makes it even more special for the guests too. Not all guests will know both of you well. But when you personalise the wedding and show your personality, it helps them to get to know you better. It is much better than a flat, impersonal and generic wedding. So what are some of the things that you can do to make your wedding personal? How can you make it unique? We’ll share with you today a few ideas of how you can do just that. Then just tweak the ideas to fit your style and budget.

Think about things that the two of you like to do together, or hobbies that you each have. For decor, you could incorporate those. If you are an avid reader, for example, you could have stacks of books as decorations. You could have a pile of hardback books in the centre of the tables and then put a vase of flowers on top of each. The guests that know you will know that this is something that is ‘so you’. It will make them smile and would be a completely unique touch. If the two of you enjoy cycling, you could get some vintage bikes to display, if you were having a shabby-chic outdoor style wedding. The possibilities are quite limitless with this. Just get creative and think outside the box.

books as center pieces at weddings


You could get together as many family photographs as you can. They could be of the two of you when you were younger. Put together in a timeline; this would make a fun talking point, that doubles up as decorations. You could even go one step further and get as many family wedding pictures as you can. This would be fun to see everyone’s style and it would add such a lovely personal touch to the wedding.

If you are a bit of a foodie, think about having a menu to incorporate that. It could be your favourite dishes or some more unusual options. Having a fine dining experience at a wedding will be such a fun and memorable experience for the guests. If you are both big chocolate fans, you could have all chocolate everything for dessert for example. Chocolate cake, chocolate fountain or even something like chocolate milk. All these kinds of things are so fun and unique. If you were mega chocolate fans, you could even do your invitations in a Willy Wonka golden ticket style. How exciting would that be for your guests to receive through the mail?

cupcakes for your wedding reception

family style food at weddings

Think about how you are going to travel to the wedding or the reception? Do you want a classic car or something a bit more funky? You could even choose a horse and carriage! You could hire a limousine or a stretch-Hummer, for example. There are a lot of options that you could go for. So view American Limos for more ideas and options. It would make some awesome photographs being in your wedding dress by a fun and unique car.

transportation options for your wedding day

For the table names or numbers, choose things that are specific to the two of you. Instead of having generic table numbers, could you name the tables after places or dates? It could include each of your birthdays, and then significant dates for the two of you. At each table, it could have a little description of each date to explain the significance. It helps guests get to know your love story and learn more about the two of you. A truly personal touch. When choosing the table settings and seating plan, you could use people’s nicknames. Rather than using their ‘normal’ names, it will make them laugh and add a touch of personality to the day. It makes it fun for the guests at the table too. They can all ask about each other’s nicknames and how those came about. You could write personal notes or each guest and leave them wrapped up in the napkins. You could write something funny or simply thank them for being there. It is something that is going above and beyond for your guests and will make it so special and memorable.

wedding table decor

Other ideas for the reception include making an out of town package for those that have travelled far. It could contain things like a map of the area, things to do and a few little gifts. You could even give out hangover packs to guests at the end of the night. It could have a bottle of water, paracetamol, comfy socks and a sleeping eye mask, for example. Just fun little ideas that will make your guests smile. You could even set up a craft area for those that aren’t interested in the dancing. They can make something that they can take home. Something like a bracelet or brooch would be a cute idea. It is perfect if you are inviting children to the wedding too. These are the kinds of thing that everyone will tell their friends about as they loved it so much.

The guest book is always an area that is easy to make personal and unique. There aren’t many people that have a traditional guest book anymore. Could you have a tree that people could hang notes on? How about getting them to sign their names inside a picture frame? Then you can hang the frame in your home. You could ask people to sign mugs or plates. If they are then set in an oven, you could use them in your home.

how to make your wedding day unique

There are plenty of things that you can do to make the wedding party individual and unique. Do you have any pets that could be included in the wedding day? They are part of the family after all! You could have your bridesmaids all wear different styles or colour of dresses. They could all have the same dress but all be wearing different shoes. There are a lot of options to choose from. So you can pick them to suit your bridesmaids. A nice idea is to get them all a piece of jewellery that they can all wear on the day. You could even write them a note on the bottom of their shoes so they can always have it to remember. The groomsmen could all wear brightly coloured socks or belts. Something fun that will make for some great pictures.

As the bride and groom, you can do anything that you want to! Would you rather be in comfortable shoes on your wedding day, rather than heels? How about wearing your favourite pair of converse or even flip flops. Are you getting married in winter? Will there be the chance of snow? Grab a bright pair of Hunter boots and have those on under your dress. All fun ideas that show your personality and will help you to remember the day. Is there a family piece of jewellery that you could wear? Is there a brooch from a grandmother that you could have one your dress? You could even attach it to your bouquet. It will make it that extra special. It can count as your ‘something old’ or ‘something borrowed’ too.

how to make your wedding unique

During the ceremony, would you prefer to write your vows? I think that this is the ultimate way to personalise your wedding. Your guests won’t be expecting it and it will be such a nice surprise and lovely thing for them to hear. If you do this, it is a good idea to have someone record it or write them down. Then have them typed up and printed out. It would be such a lovely thing to have displayed in your home. Do you have any friends or family that play musical instruments? Do you think they would consider playing at your wedding as you walk down the aisle? You could choose to walk down with any style of music that you would prefer, though. It could be a Disney song, classical piece or even rock song. If it is your style, your guests will completely understand and probably expect the music to be a little bit different.

The final suggestion I have could be the wedding cake. It doesn’t even need to be cake! You could opt for a tower of cupcakes or even a tower of macarons. If you prefer doughnuts, then why not go for those instead? A wedding cheesecake would be pretty amazing too (just a little trickier to keep fresh). There are quite endless options so make sure you choose something that the two of you will love.

wedding cake

Good luck planning your wedding. I hope the day is perfect.