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Real Oregon Wedding: Jin and Eric at Wilmes Hop Farm

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Real Oregon Wedding: Jin and Eric at Wilmes Hop Farm

Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous wedding!  Jin and Eric’s wedding was fun, romantic and oh so stunning. The colors they chose really popped against the vibrant green there at Wilmes Hop Farm. Take a look at their images and get inspired!  We included a complete vendor list down below the pictures. They had one heck of a team!


Different Brides, Different Weddings – What Your Wedding Décor Says About You

Wedding Color Palettes wedding coordination wedding decoration wedding planning

Different Brides, Different Weddings – What Your Wedding Décor Says About You

While everybody knows what getting married means, the idea that each one has of the perfect wedding is different from a person to another. In truth, everyone has their own notion of perfection and of what would make the ideal wedding location for them. What matters, when you are getting married, is, after all, to be the star of the day. This starts by choosing the right wedding location for you.

Happy wedding from Pexel

#1. The Romantic Bride Who Wants It All

Often, the wedding day is the only day in a woman’s life when she gets to indulge the dreams she cherished as a little girl. That is the reason why many women choose a romantic wedding, with a princess type of gown that they will remember forever. For these, the best way to make the dream come true is to find a castle, such as the one from Chateau Polonez that you can enjoy if you decide to get married in Houston.


#2. The Modern And Elegant Bride Who Understands The Value Of Practicality

Modern-thinking brides have a tendency to move away from the royal type of wedding for something that will be a little more simple. While they will still be wearing a white dress in most cases, they will pick a venue that is practical in term of location but also in terms of administration. They are more likely to be looking for hotel venues, that are equipped to receive and serve their guests during the day, but also that can offer rooms to those who want to spend the night there.

#3. The Bride Who Lives In A Dream From The Past

Vintage weddings are a hot trends since the past years, and therefore brides who are looking to get married in a vintage-like dress and within a décor from the past, prefer country estates which can offer an intimate and homely atmosphere very close to a story of Miss Marple. Often country houses are decorated in a way that enables the bride to pick themes from the first half of the past century without any trouble.

#4. The Bride Who Wants To Celebrate Her Love With A Few Chosen Ones

What makes a wedding day count is not the number of guests who are present, but the amount of love in the room. For the brides who are sentimental and deeply attached to their family roots, a wedding at home is an attractive option that lets them choose only a few lucky ones to celebrate the big day with. The ambiance is caring and intimate during these, but there is another advantage to them. Weddings at home celebrate love above expenses and preparations, and they also make sure that the newly wed couple becomes an immediate part of the family life.

#5. The Original Bride Who Is Full Of Imagination

Some brides want their special day to be as unique as they want their life to be. Alternate venues, such as botanical gardens or theaters, can now be easily hired for weddings. You might want to get in touch with professional organizers to get things sorted out and discuss your wishes as there are plenty of locations around that can give your wedding the touch of uniqueness that you are looking for.


Real Wedding – Julia and Michael

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Real Wedding – Julia and Michael

Hello 2017! We hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and we wish all of you an even better 2017. The year of the Chicken or Rooster is upon us. Still a few more weeks until that changes over and I bet many of you are ready for a fresh start, new energy and opportunities. I know I am. 2016 was a rough one on many levels for myself and my family but within the dark times there is always light.

I’m excited to start the first post of 2017 off with a real wedding! This wedding is stunning and makes us want to book a flight to Australia right now. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of Julia and Michael’s wedding day. Cheers!

The Details…
How did you and your partner meet?
Michael and I met through mutual friends and had an instant connection, when we were 18 and 20. My family had just moved overseas after I’d finished high school, and I had just commenced at university. Feeling homesick for my mother’s wonderful Vietnamese cooking, I asked friends to join me at a local Vietnamese restaurant, and one of them brought her new friend, Michael. I was struck at first sight, and we were pretty much inseparable, in heart if not physically ever since. We spent 10 years courting, finishing our relative studies, and travelling, studying and working overseas, before moving in together and starting our lives together in Canberra nearby family and adopting our furbabies, Snowy the Japanese Spitz and Tintin the rescue kitten.

How did he propose?
Michael proposed on April 1st 2015, which was a significant date; he proposed with his grandmother’s beautiful solitaire diamond engagement ring, which she had worn for the duration of her long marriage to Michael’s grandfather. April 1st was the date that Michael’s grandfather had proposed to his grandmother, and so Michael wanted to follow this tradition especially using that ring. He did add his own flair, however, having starting the day with various April fool’s jokes designed to trick (and simultaneously terrify) me. After a full morning of tricks and jokes (some involving fake spiders), he went to the cupboard to make me breakfast, and when he turned around from the cupboard, he got down on one knee, with the ring box and proposed to me. After I said yes (having checked it wasn’t a joke first), he then recreated our first date for the rest of the day, including a meal at the restaurant where we first met

How did you choose your wedding gown?
I didn’t have specific inspiration for my gown, I just wanted to choose a gown that made me feel myself, and this was perfect. I loved my gown which was a fit and flare, strapless luxurious satin gown designed by Cristiano Lucci. Featured an intricate beaded belt and dramatic beaded skirt and train. I loved how this gown made me feel and how it fitted on the day! It matched the glamorous theme I was hoping for! My accessories were as follows:

My veil- a custom length 4 meter veil by Wedding Veils Australia, exclusively stocked through  two-tier veil, made in ivory glimmer tulle, customized cathedral length, and beaded edges made up of Swarovski clear crystals along the edges, with top tier having teardrop crystals spaced along the edge.

My shoes- Badgley Mishka “Gene” shoes, satin Mary Jane peep toe shoes which had embellishments on the heel that matched my gown!

My something blue was offered by my delicate lace garter, which my maid of honour and best friend had bought for me when we were travelling together in Venice in 2012, long before the engagement!

What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day?
I wanted an old fashioned gold glamour with romantic touches, with main colours of gold, and accents of creams, soft pinks and maroons. I once saw a wedding photoshoot set in a forest, with strong bold berry colours but accented with metallics. I was inspired by the bold colours and how beautiful they were alongside the metallics and so we developed the mix of creams, pinks and maroons to contrast leafy greens in the flowers, with a strong a gold base. I fell in love the champagne gold sequin fabrics and sought out the elegant bridesmaids gowns to bring the dream to life! I was also able to source matching gold sequin fabric overseas, and created all the table coverings to match.

Any DIY décor elements?
Almost everything was DIY! We did the tablecloths, mirrored seating chart, table numbers, centerpieces, most stationery and bonbonniere amongst other things!

If you could do it all over again, what would you change?
I would take more photos with my family, as we somehow missed the opportunity because it was so busy!

Any tips that you can give to future brides?

Tips on how to enjoy the engagement:

Really remind yourself that the wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other, forever. We took on board a lot of family support and ideas, which can be stressful. For us we wanted to make sure our families were happy, and took that stress on willingly, as our families have done so much for us. At the end though, we just had to remember that the day would mean we’d be married, and all the stresses sort of become insignificant! And have a party, why not!

On Planning:

I adored wedding planning, at every stage. I would recommend that brides use so many of the resources online and in bridal magazines that helped me along. Our relatively short engagement period meant we had to be decisive in decision-making and I loved what we came up with. I felt that the day was a perfect representation of what we both wanted, which is so important, and in the end the day will be what it is! Money can be stressful too, but just make sure to use DIY options available!

 And on the Wedding Day:

BREATHE! I nearly forgot to do this so many times. But you’ll have surrounded yourselves with vendors and people you trust. So take a back seat to the operational aspect of the day, and focus on the actual event- marrying your fiancé!

Thank you for your submission. You too can submit your real wedding for a chance to be featured on our blog. For info on how to do so CLICK HERE. Here are all the fab vendors that made their day so special.

Who Made it Happen?
Couples Names:  Michael Wentworth-Perry and Julia Price
Wedding Date:
26th February 2016
Cristiano Lucci
Shopgirl Beauty
Leslie Henshaw
Stationery: Giant Invitations
Badgley Mishka
LOVEON Jewellery
Bridesmaids Dresses: Jadore
Grooms Suit:
Overseas tailor
Keepsake Photography
Traditional cake- Cake of Your Dreams
Croquembouche: Croissandor
ANU House
Silk Flora
Ceremony Venue:
St Christopher’s Cathedral, Canberra
Reception Venue:
ANU House
Videographer: Say Hello to Forever
DJ: Mr Michael Music
Live music: Jay Boats
Transport: Select Limousines

The Perfect Fall Flowers for Your Wedding

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The Perfect Fall Flowers for Your Wedding

It’s here; the cool air, leaves falling from the trees, pumpkin lattes and apple cider. We love this time of the year, fall. I had a conversation with a lovely woman about it. She said, ” I just love this time of the year.” I said, “Me, too!” Then she told me that lots of people she meets don’t like fall. I was shocked. Tell me it ain’t so?! Is this true? How can the perfect season not be liked? Well we love caramel apples and getting to wear our boots again. Which is why when we saw this great set of images that showcase all the beauty of flowers in the fall we had to share it with you. What’s not to love?!

Fall is in full swing and it’s the perfect season to get truly get creative with your wedding flowers. From bright and bold ranunculuses, to lush dahlias and exotic proteas, there are plenty of stunning blooms to choose from when it comes to choosing your fall wedding flowers.

To help you choose the perfect flowers, FTD compiled these fall wedding bouquets which feature the main florals included in each. Use these creative visuals to help inspire your wedding floral decor, we’re sure that you’re bound to find a bloom or two that you’ll fall in love with!

fall-wedding-bouquet-wild-and-rustic fall-wedding-bouquet-soft-and-feminine fall-wedding-bouquet-classic-and-refined fall-wedding-bouquet-stylish-and-modern fall-wedding-bouquet-lush-and-vibrant fall-wedding-bouquet-vivid-and-elegant
Luxury Flowers For Ultra Classy Weddings

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Luxury Flowers For Ultra Classy Weddings

If you’re looking to add high-end finishes to your wedding or are planning to push the boat out- adding luxury flowers is an excellent way to go. Beautiful flowers will bring the venue to life, and let your personality shine through. If you’re not concerned about the cost, you can have just about any wedding flower shipped to you from around the world. And so if you’ve always dreamed of a particular type of bloom for your big day, there’s no need to fret if they’re out of season where you live. Here are some of the most stunning, luxurious flowers for your ultra classy wedding.


roses for weddings


Being the symbol of love, roses make ideal wedding flowers. You can get them in just about any color to perfectly match the theme of your wedding. There are so many different varieties you’ll be spoiled for choice. From large, old fashioned vintage blooms to those with smaller or more delicate heads. You could go with a pastel shade, a bright, vibrant color, white or even a multi-colored variety. Roses are some of the pricier blooms you can opt for, especially if you go for a unique type. But there’s no denying that these are some of the most stunning flowers available, and would make your wedding look extra special.


peonies for weddings


Peonies with their frilly flowers are showy blooms that look fantastic at weddings. They’re available in both single and double flower styles, and can be purchased in a range of different shades. They also have a beautiful scent bringing a lovely aroma to your wedding. The growing season of peonies is relatively short, meaning if you want them out of season a lot of the cost will be in importing them. You could ask in a flower shop first, but unless your wedding is in the spring there’s a good chance you will need to have them flown in. But it’s so worthwhile paying the extra if you’ve always dreamed of having them at your wedding, since they look so pretty and elegant.



lilies for weddings


Lillies come in a wide variety of shapes and shades. From the oriental Casablanca lily to the long trumpet shaped calla lilies. They make spectacular wedding flowers and are the type of bloom that people instantly recognize as being beautiful and luxurious. It’s a traditional choice, although you could opt for a more unusual color if you wanted to go for something a little bit different. Lily of the Valley is also a great choice for wedding flowers and was even featured in Kate Middleton’s bouquet at the royal wedding.



orchids weddings


Long, elegant orchids symbolize beauty and refinement. With a whopping twenty thousand varieties, it’s one of the largest flower families so that you won’t be short on choice. They look fantastic as table centerpieces but can also be made into a cascading flowing hand held bouquets for the bride. There’s a growing trend in the use of orchids in weddings. They’re an exotic, modern choice and look great when either used as the focus or as complementing blooms. As with the others, they’re a more expensive and luxurious option, but what a fantastic choice for a luxury wedding.


Little Wedding Details That Are Just As Important As Saying ‘I Do’

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Little Wedding Details That Are Just As Important As Saying ‘I Do’

best wedding planning blog

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What do you worry about the most, planning your wedding? For many couples, guys, in particular, it’s the part where they say I do. Believe it or not, most couples stumble and fumble just at the thought of saying these two words. They know what they mean and the impact they will have on the rest of their lives. They are binding themselves to one person forever in a declaration of true love, and it’s a beautiful act. However, by focussing all your concern on details like this, you may miss important little things that could make your wedding a hit or a miss. Here are some of the things you still need to think about if you want your wedding to be a triumphant success.

The Speeches

wedding speeches

Image copyright

Oh dear, this is a part of your wedding that really can go wrong. When you are picking the key individuals for your wedding, you do need to consider the speeches. In short, you shouldn’t choose people who are going to make a mess of what should be beautiful words about the past, present and future. Of course, one way to get around this is to coach the people who are writing the speeches. Help them say something that is perfect for your wedding. Careful with jokers who are just interested in making your guests laugh. Wedding speeches should hold some sentiment without making guests gag.

Colour Coordination

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A lot of people hire a stylist for their wedding and there is good reason for this. Without a stylist, you might find that you have a lot of clashing colours. When thinking about colours and shades, consider the flowers, the food being served and the general decorations. You might also want to think about the different outfits that are being worn by members of the bride and groom’s parties. Remember, everything should compliment everything else beautifully. The only exception is the dress. No matter what colour wedding dress you choose, it should stand alone. The bride should always be the centre of the wedding ceremony.
best wedding blogImage Via Pixabay

Your wedding lasts one day. The memories will last forever, especially if you get great pictures. You need to think about your wedding photos carefully because these will provide the frame of the memories. It could have been a wonderful, beautiful day. If the pictures are terrible, that’s how you’ll remember it. Rather than hiring a photographer, one idea is hiring a photo booth from Melbourne Memories or a similar company. That way, you’ll have plenty of fun snaps from your wedding day. At the very least, this is a great idea for the reception.

Table Decorations

wedding planning

Image copyright

table decor for weddingsLastly, you have a chance to do something special with the table decorations. You can use them to help your guests become a part of the wedding. One idea we love is to have a part of a poem on each wedding table. Then, one guest from each table can read out a piece of the poem forming a beautiful symphony of ideas about your partnership.


Beautiful Wedding Styles For Your Guests

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Beautiful Wedding Styles For Your Guests

More and more of us are closely choreographing our big days. Wedding planning is a huge job to take on, but many brides choose to take the reins for their big day. There are dances to practice, menus to sample, and even a band to audition. Deciding on a theme or color palette for the wedding can take a long time too. After all this hard work to make the venue, the ceremony and the reception absolutely perfect, would you go even further?

Wedding photographs last a lifetime. They often adorn a sideboard or hallway wall for decades after the event. You want the image to be timeless, beautiful, and to show you at your best. Many of us may pick out a few faces in the crowd photos and not remember who they were fifty years from now. But it’s important the image still looks good. This is why more and more couples are choosing color palettes and styles for their guests.

wedding planning

Image source

Not every couple wants a formal wedding. If there is a theme, such as country or courtly, then the guests should also join in to match. Many weddings have an accent color running throughout. It will be present in the bouquet, the table settings, the chairs, bridesmaid dresses and beyond. Asking the guests to also wear something of this color is not unreasonable. You can point them in the direction of websites like to help them track down the shades you prefer.

Some guests feel uncomfortable wearing hats. If you have a preference about this, you may want to detail it on the invites. As hats are becoming less popular, you might want to rethink requesting them. Of course, a traditional wedding, particularly with a religious ceremony may certainly require one. But ultimately, the choice is yours, and guests should respect your wishes.

Gift lists are also more common. Most guests find it helpful to pick gifts from a list rather than having to figure out the best thing to get you. If you’re asking guests to dress up in costume for a particular theme, why not put a list of costume choices on your wedding website to help them pick? It can be a really helpful way to encourage guests to fully participate too.

wedding planning

Image source

Weddings often have receptions where a live band will play some music. Sometimes, a theme may determine the kind of music and the style of dancing too. If you have some ideas for themed dancing, why not organize a get together of your guests so you can all learn a group dance together? Traditional or ballroom styles of dancing aren’t very well known. It can help put everyone at ease if you help them learn the style ready for your big day.

Your wedding is your big event. It only happens once in your life and you want it to be perfect. Choosing a particular theme or style is a great way to personalize the day to you and your partner. Why not invite your guests to participate fully in that with you?


Real Wedding: Rochelle + Nathan

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Real Wedding: Rochelle + Nathan

We always get excited when a real wedding comes into our inbox and this one doesn’t disappoint. In the style of a “Big Greek” Wedding this couple wows us from start to finish. Rochelle’s gown is stunning and you can see how happy they both are together. Enjoy the images below and thank you to Rochelle & Nathan for the submission.

Dress: Jason Grech
Shoes: Ninewest
Bridesmaids Dresses: Swish
Accessories: Just Me Jewellery
Photograph: Eye to Eye Photography
Wedding Movie: C2 Films
Stationery: Adorn Wedding Invitations
Ceremony Venue: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia
Reception Venue: Crown Towers
Makeup: Martina
Hair: Hue’s Hair
Flowers: Kitsa’s Flowers
Cake: Abfab Cakes

How did we meet?
Nathan and I have actually known each other since our early twenties, however didn’t really get together until a few years later. We both worked for the same company out of uni and we’d always chat (even though I remember him being so nervous around me) however at the time I was in a long-term relationship with a guy from high school, who I was certain that I’d marry. When that didn’t pan out and we broke up, Nathan and I spent more time together and started getting a lot closer.
real wedding bride wedding gown 209 210
It’s still crazy to think that Nathan has been in my life for so long and I could have easily missed out on something so special. I was so devastated when I broke up with my previous partner as we’d been together since we were 15 years old, but there really is a silver lining to every cloud! I couldn’t imagine my life without Nathan now.

real weddings, bride, gown, flowers, roses 264
How did he propose?
Being the hopeless romantic that he is, I don’t think Nathan could help himself with going all out on the proposal.

Nathan said that he had a work conference at Melbourne’s Crown Towers (If you know Crown Towers, you’d know that it’s the most glamourous building in the city!) So he recommended that we book a hotel room and go stay over for the night. I remember we were sitting in the hotel room about to get ready for dinner when he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. As it turns out, there was of course no conference and we woke up the next day to a gorgeous brunch on the waters of Southbank and later just dawdled around the city in pure bliss.

real wedding, ceremony, bride and groom, greek wedding 277 298 312 370 copy
How did you choose your wedding dress?
Every bridal gown I’ve ever seen at a wedding that had made my jaw drop was a Jason Grech design, so I knew that as soon it was my turn, I’d know exactly which designer to turn to! All of his pieces are so elegant and classic, and when I saw my gown – I knew it was the one. I couldn’t believe how well it fit me even before alterations, and because it was silk, it was so comfortable to wear all day. It also had gorgeous embellished detailing down the sides which matched with a stunning Capulet that could be removed. So comfortable and functional!

bride and groom, real wedding,  feature your wedding, ceremony, rice, wedding photography 425 439 446
What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day?
Nathan comes from a traditional Greek family, so it was a given that we incorporate his family’s traditions into the ceremony. However, I still wanted to inject some modernity and a bit more glamour into the event. This is largely why we chose Crown as our venue space (amidst the fact that our proposal took place there.) The views from our reception venue were absolutely stunning and we loved the fact that it overlooked the skyline of the city. When choosing my bridesmaids dresses, my own dress and the ceremony décor – I wanted to go for a timeless glamour feel to contrast against the modernity of our reception décor and to still tie in with the traditional Greek elements of the day.

real wedding submission, submit your wedding, flowers, greek wedding, bride and groom, wedding party 462 472 554 519

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Luckily, we both managed to take quite a bit of time off for our honeymoon and we fit in two trips! We headed to Bali for ten days to relax, came back for a week (possibly the hardest working week I’ve ever done) and then we jetted off to Europe. We met up with Nathan’s family in Greece and met up with a couple of my sisters as well. Afterwards we also travelled through Spain, Italy and Croatia. 

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Thank you to Rochelle & Nathan for submitting their elegant and beautiful wedding day photos. What an amazing day the two of you had! I hope they inspired another couple planning their big day.

What to have your wedding day featured on our blog and social media? Just click here for the info we need to feature your wedding day. It’s as easy as that! Cheers – Alexis