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Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. We are taking some time off to be with our family and relax. Baking cookies, making chocolates, viewing holiday lights and watching lots of movies. Whatever you do and whomever you are with, be thankful for what you have. It’s not about getting the gift you want […] Read more…

rustic weddings

How to Create the Perfect Rustic Wedding

When hosting a wedding, people often want to stand above the rest. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to impress people as most ideas are so overused that it’s not easy to stand out. While true, don’t give up as you can throw a rustic wedding that will impress all your guests. However, it’s not an easy wedding […] Read more…

2015 wedding gowns

Trends for 2015 Wedding Gowns

Fall brings fashion and with fashion comes new trends in wedding gowns. Newly engaged brides, get excited, there are so many lovely trends to get on board with. Let’s look at a few we love. First let us look at Hayley Paige. Pattern. We love seeing unconventional patterns on wedding gowns. From chevron to beaded […] Read more…

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Five Ways to Beat the Heat

This summer has been a hot one. I like the heat but not when I’m at home or working. To fully enjoy it I like to be pool side with an ice cold beverage, fashion magazine and red licorice to snack on (yes I love the red vines). If you can’t whisk away to your […] Read more…

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Save the Date Sale!

Not gonna lie, we love a good sale. There is something about saving some money that gets us excited, whether it’s a pair of shoes, a cute top or a piece of jewelry. When you are planning your wedding day any time you can save a little is a cause for celebration. We just heard […] Read more…

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