How To Design The Wedding Cake Of Your Dreams

Planning a wedding can be bittersweet. There will always be elements that you love and some that you find more frustrating than anything else. You might not care an awful lot of some of the details, but we will all probably agree that the cake is one of the most fun parts to plan.

Not only to you get to design this incredibly beautiful feature that holds a special place in ceremonial wedding traditions, but you also get to eat it too. As your wedding planning comes together, you’re going to want to make sure that cake it up to scratch. If you’re unsure of where to, these easy to follow steps should help.

Pick Your Bakery

One of the first things that you’re going to want to do is pick out the bakery or caterer that you’re going to use. It’s likely that you have a design in mind. When that’s the case, you need to be able to find a designer that will be able to recreate it. But, it’s also important to consider your options when it comes to budget (you can often find pricing online using sites like

Stick To Your Theme

Now that you have your baker picked out, you’re going to want to work on a design that fits with your theme. You might find that some bakers provide you with a bunch of incredible designs, none of which work with the style of your wedding. So, at this point, you need to work with what ideas you have. Different cake trends could tempt you, but you have to make sure that the cake sits naturally at your wedding.

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Choose A Filling You Love

Sometimes, a wedding cake is a show pony. It looks great, but it might not have a lot of substance. If you’re a sweet tooth, this could be your worst nightmare. So, what you’re going to need to do is work on your filling options as early as possible. This is where the cake tasting will come in. Not only will it be a lot of fun, but you’ll be able to pick a cake style that tastes incredible too.

Go To Town On The Decor

When your choice of cake is chosen, you can then go to town on the design. The bakery you work with should be able to guide you on what will work. You’ll find that some cake fillings and sponges won’t work as well with certain frostings, but they’ll talk you through the options. Whether you want a showstopper or something classy and understated, make sure you get the decor right – you only get one wedding, so make your cake count.

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Don’t Forget Practicality

As you plan, you can often find that you get wrapped up in the finer details. But, that can sometimes be dangerous. Although it needs to taste good and look incredible, it’s also important to make sure your wedding cake is practical. It doesn’t have to be huge to be impressive either; smaller cakes (like these can really wow. As you design, make sure you think about how it can be transported and whether or not it will melt!


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