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While everybody knows what getting married means, the idea that each one has of the perfect wedding is different from a person to another. In truth, everyone has their own notion of perfection and of what would make the ideal wedding location for them. What matters, when you are getting married, is, after all, to be the star of the day. This starts by choosing the right wedding location for you.


#1. The Romantic Bride Who Wants It All

Often, the wedding day is the only day in a woman’s life when she gets to indulge the dreams she cherished as a little girl. That is the reason why many women choose a romantic wedding, with a princess type of gown that they will remember forever. For these, the best way to make the dream come true is to find a castle, such as the one from Chateau Polonez that you can enjoy if you decide to get married in Houston.

#2. The Modern And Elegant Bride Who Understands The Value Of Practicality

Modern-thinking brides have a tendency to move away from the royal type of wedding for something that will be a little more simple. While they will still be wearing a white dress in most cases, they will pick a venue that is practical in term of location but also in terms of administration. They are more likely to be looking for hotel venues, that are equipped to receive and serve their guests during the day, but also that can offer rooms to those who want to spend the night there.

#3. The Bride Who Lives In A Dream From The Past

Vintage weddings are a hot trends since the past years, and therefore brides who are looking to get married in a vintage-like dress and within a décor from the past, prefer country estates which can offer an intimate and homely atmosphere very close to a story of Miss Marple. Often country houses are decorated in a way that enables the bride to pick themes from the first half of the past century without any trouble.

#4. The Bride Who Wants To Celebrate Her Love With A Few Chosen Ones

What makes a perfect wedding day count is not the number of guests who are present, but the amount of love in the room. For the brides who are sentimental and deeply attached to their family roots, a wedding at home is an attractive option that lets them choose only a few lucky ones to celebrate the big day with. The ambiance is caring and intimate during these, but there is another advantage to them. Weddings at home celebrate love above expenses and preparations, and they also make sure that the newly wed couple becomes an immediate part of the family life.

#5. The Original Bride Who Is Full Of Imagination

Some brides want their special day to be as unique as they want their life to be. Alternate venues, such as botanical gardens or theaters, can now be easily hired for weddings. You might want to get in touch with professional organizers to get things sorted out and discuss your wishes as there are plenty of locations around that can give your perfect wedding the touch of uniqueness that you are looking for.

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